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Resolved! 3750-x with C3KX-NM-10G not recognizing SFP

I have a 3750-x switch with module C3KX-NM-10G.  In slots 1 and 3 I have GLC-T inserted, no problem.  When I try to insert GLC-T into slots 2 or 4, I receive the log messages that are listed below.  I can swap/mix and match different GLC-T's in slots...

rrfield by Beginner
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3750G random packet loss

A 3750G is experiencing random packet loss.  Random meaning the packet loss doesn't occur at a regular interval or time of day.  I lose L3 connectivity to it but L2 is fine during the packet loss time meaning, Given this topology,3750G     <--- L2 et...

Resolved! Kron problem

Hi,Have C3750 Version 12.2(25r)SEE3Trying to run:kron policy-list backup cli write cli copy running-config tftp://xx.xx.xx.xx/swi06-confgkron occurrence backup at 22:00 Mon recurring policy-list backupThere are nothing backup and nothing in the logg....

Cisco 3750 RSTP and HP Procurve RSTP switch 2910al

Hi all,Just a sanity check ...HP 2910AL connected to Cisco 3750-A and Cisco 3750-B through 802.1q trunks (2 VLans : native VLAN 1 and tagged VLAN 2), this is a triangle :Cisco 3750-A ----------- Cisco 3750-B|                                          ...

mbettolo by Beginner
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Core resiliency HSRP Etherchannel

I have an issue in my hands, we made a project and the switches were bought before lab tests were done the issue is with core redundancy and resiliency, the structure is as followCore: 2 x C4948 - Uplinked in Etherchannel HSRP (Gateway to the servers...

PVLAN Edge (protected port) over FlexStack

           According to Cisco: The PVLAN edge (protected port) is a feature that has only local significance to the switch (unlike Private Vlans), and there is no isolation provided between two protected ports located on different switches. Does port...

Resolved! Adding a separate subnet

We have two switches; a WS-C3550-48 and a WS-C3548-XL connected via fiber uplink ports. Both switches are on the same subnet /24. I would like to change the subnet of the second switch, WS-C3548-XL, to be on /24. Would it be p...

Resolved! Cisco SG200-08 features supported

Dear all,I want to buy a Cisco SG200-08 managed switch in order to use it for the dedicated communication between an iSCSI storage and ESXi servers (the number of the hosted VMs will be around 10 with few I/O requirements in 2 hosts).I need to know i...

jmendrinos by Beginner
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Queue usage - QOS - Total output drops

Hi Community,We're having kind of a problem with our Catalyst 4507r switches. If we do a "show interface" command we're getting a lot of "Total output drops" on some of our interfaces. It seems to be most of the time on the same vlan.Does anybody hav...