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Resolved! VSS on 4506's

Howdy,So I have configured VSS successfully on a pair of our 4500's and it seems to work great... Now I am at the point where I am configuring the PAgP_Dual-Active part and had a few questions for the lot of you... With the 4500's, currently fast-hel...

According to the diagram, i wanna make R3 a dhcp server and provide ip addresses to different vlans,vlan 10 is on PC1 and PC4 and network address is 20 is on PC2 and PC5 and network address is vlan 30 is on PC3 and PC6 and...

I need some helpHow to you setup ip routing on a Nexus 5500I want to do vlan routing between an Nexus 5500 and Catalyst 3750. Nothing clever just have the 2 switches talk and vlans route between the two.ThanksDave

Hi,I have two 2960-s switches with GLC-FE-100FX fibre modules in and I am seeing packet loss over the link that is connected to the modules. When the interface is shutdown and brought back up it always comes up in half duplex even thought it is set t...

gwillis by Beginner
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I am upgrading a Cisco 6506E VSS from 12.2(33)SXI5 to 12.2(33)SXJ5 during a maintenance window. So I have plenty of time to reboot the VSS. Can anyone confirm if below is the correct procedure. I have manually copied the new IOS to both active and st...

jpsun2010 by Beginner
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I am having an issue pinpointing why my 2821 router is discarding so many packets when transferring data to our second site.  The traffic flows from the local lan, to the router, where it is redirected via WCCP to a WAN optimization device, back to t...

dkuchenski by Beginner
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Hello,don;t even know if that is an accurate description of what I need but here goes.  Central site with remote sites connected on MPLS.  Sites get updates by BGP but remote sites have 1800 series routers so no full routing tables can be pulled down...

Hello,I need a free tool that isnt wireshark that will let me sniffing voice packets from a cisco phone when I plug into a cisco switch using span. Any suggestions what free software is out there I can use besides wireshark.  I need to determine by a...

Hello,I have a pair of OLD Cat6500's running CatOS:WS-C6509 Software, Version NmpSW: 7.6(16)Copyright (c) 1995-2005 by Cisco SystemsNMP S/W compiled on Dec 22 2005, 16:37:19System Bootstrap Version: 7.1(1)System Boot Image File is 'bootflash:cat6000-...

rkallas by Beginner
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Hoping somebody can help.I recently introduced a new switch into production that was running DHCP snooping. In the lab this appeared to work as inteded and prevented untrusted DHCP servers. In production the behaviour was much different, a handful of...

by Not applicable
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Dear all,That's the topology i have on my real scenario, and we want to introduce dhcp snooping on it.First time i tried with all trunk ports on all the switches (Except interCORE links) and DHCP Server on Sw-5 interface as trusted ports, but while d...

hello, I have a DHCP server for a subnet that has only lightweight WAP's in it.  The DHCP server is running on the gateway for this subnet which is a 3750X 2 switch stack running 12.2(53r)se2.I have the following configured:ip dhcp excluded-address 1...