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I have recently aquired a Cisco SGE2000 switch and the first thing I did was update to the latest firmware and change password. Now I cant login? Neither my admin / admin dosent work nor the new user I have created. Is there any characters that this ...

jmituzas9 by Level 1
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Hello friends, I recently have a issue with my cisco equipments.I have two 6500 and access switches which were configurated with ip from subnet, the configuration is almost like this:COREint vlan 96     ip add 255.255.255...

Dear AllI have two sites which are connected via ISP MPLS link,currently total network is flat .I have to implement VLAN design,what should be th best practice for it.,user of SITE A  authenticates from server of SITE B.we have altogether of 200-250 ...

Hi,I'm in the process of designing our new network. We have established our current network in unit 1, and we now have a new building with virtually nothing in it - unit 2. We plan on having some fibre cables installed between these two buildings. Th...

aleph.haz by Level 1
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Hi everybodyI am trying to build my voice lab    ----rest of network---R1---internet--Publc NTP server ( stratum Wii R1 be?=========================Below is my lab set up:CUCM-------Switch-------RouterI want to use my Router's system clo...

sarahr202 by Level 5
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Hi all,I have TFTPd32 running on Windows desktop and I have Router from where i want to copy running config to TFTPd32 server but i can not.TFTPd32  interface has same IP as desktop PC.I can ping the PC ip from Router and vice versa.Can someone who k...

mahesh18 by Level 6
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Good morning!I work in a 100% cisco environment. At each of our 11 location we have a cisco router and switch routing traffic between our MPLS WAN.I am currently researching how to set up a fail-over for our WAN utilizing some extra DSL lines we have...

hi team,i have attached topology 1 and topology 2 for nexus 7k for vpc scenario. Access switches got only 2 x 10 g capacity to Nexus switches. What are the benefits in topology 1 and topology? In topology 2, inter-switch links can be possible only th...

sh fex   FEX         FEX           FEX                       FEX               Number    Description      State            Model            Serial     ------------------------------------------------------------------------105        FEX0105        I...

Hi,i have some problems using ACL and copying a backup from the switch to an scp server.Firmware version is 15.0(2)SE2, but i have seen the same behaviour on 12.0This is the configuration of access lists/vtyStandard IP access list ACL_VTY_IN    5 per...

Hi, My customer seems to have unicast flooding in a segment of his network. There are 2 x 6509 with HSRP arquitecture, 2 x 4948, 2 x local director and 2950. The issue is that unicast traffic to a port in the 4948 switch is flooding to all port in th...

juanluis by Level 1
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Forgive my basic question!I am migrating several networks into one.  As a part of doing this I want to have little to no disruption of service.  I am taking 5 SVI's and collapsing the networks into 1VLAN 80 will be the one standing SVI with a /21In e...