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I am aware that private-vlans are not supported on edge switches like 2960 series - so my question is would it be possibel to ceate private vlans on say just the core switch which would be a 3570 or 4506 that supports private vlans and then just trun...

How do I determine the interface associated with a Phyport, e.g., %C4K_HWPORTMAN-4-BLOCKEDTXQUEUE: Blocked transmit queue HwTxQId2 on Switch Phyport 68, count=4899.

hii try to configure DNS on cisco 800 , it's worked , but after 24 hours the command ip domain-lookup change to disable, and it stop worki'm not understanding why it's happen , that's the configurationip domain name XXXXXX.CC.CCip host XXX-RR-FF.com ...

Hello All,I am new to cisco networking (I just passed my A+ test and am working on my Network + test with an end goal to finish with a CCNP) and I bought a Cisco 2620 XM and a 1605R to figure out how to setup and practice on.   In my house we have Ve...

jgrossmac by Beginner
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Hi, I am relly new to Cisco and having a hard time with my Cisco 2800 series.I have two sites connected with each other SiteA and  SiteB (Using the same Cisco 2800). Now site A can connect to site B on  the cisco and the internal network, but site B ...

Hi,I'm configuring a Cisco 2600 (IOS 12.4) router with 3 ethernet ports:- LAN Port- WAN 1 port (First ISP)- WAN 2 port (Second ISP)I need:- Fault-tolerant/ Load balancing WAN connection with the two ISP connection using NAT from LAN- access from TCP/...

Italjapan by Beginner
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Hi!We have 2 router cisco 2621XM and want to configure a VPN between them, but first we want to configure ADSL in both with the card installed.Does anybody has steps to configure it? or any link to see information?Thanks!!                  

Hi Everyone,Need to confirm use of command redistribute connected  while using between 2 Routers which are Eigrp NeisR1  is Running EIGRP  and OSPF.It is nei to R3 which is also running EIGRP and OSPF.I am using redistribute command under EIGRP onlyR...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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Resolved! VPN routing

Sorry in advance if I'm not asking this in the right area. Just point me to where I should post it if this is not the right area.I have 3 Cisco ASA 5510's in my company's future network configuration, and in addition to being firewalls, they're also ...

gamercoar by Beginner
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Hi,I am working on Cisco 3550 switch on a certain requirement. I have got an access point connected to the switch and few mobile phones connected to the access point. I get the list of mac addresses connected to the switch ( Both access point's mac a...

hi , i want to ask a question about the topology above ,as we see , we have two subinterfaces for two vlansbut my question is about the physical interface of router .if i configured an ip on it ,Question 1how the switch will deal with it ??i mean doe...

Dr.X by Explorer
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route-map TEST permit 10match ip address 1set ip next-hop verify-availability 1 track 1set ip next-hop ip next-hop recursive ip default next-hop ip route ,I tested PBR set ip...