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HiI have 2 ISP connected to Router A and Router BBoth the routers are connected to the core 3750 switch.. I want to send the traffic from the switch that goes to router A to router B...I have done the following but its not working...vlan 120 = 10.120...

HiI have a 2 ISP One Hooked to router A and the Other to B both are hooked to Core switch 3750. The Port on the switch where the Router is connected is No switch Port and I have given the IP address.3750 - has the PBR templatedI would like to use PBR...

Hi Experts,       RACK 1 is the old rack and NEW RACK is the rack which is going to be procurred for some new Servers. All the Servers in the RACK 1 has a default gateway as PIX Inside IP. As of now the 3560 Switches acts as Layer 2 and does not have...

Hi, Good Day to all.I need help from you in the configuration below.When I connect the two wan links and interfaces Fe0 FE1, I browse, however software like skype keep falling and rising all the time.I wonder where is the error in the configuration t...

At the moment Switch 2 is the Master. I've loaded a new image to flash1 and flash2. When I go to reload will Switch 1  become the Master because of it's lower MAC address?Also, if Switch 1 takes over and becomes the Master will this affect anything? ...

I know that having the same Power Supply is not a restriction for implementing VSS....but I'd like to know if, in your field experience, there is any issue regarding this difference in Power between both chasis (both of them having the same component...

I've been trying to teach myself vlans, IOS, and Cisco networking, so I bought an 881 Router, along with some older 3550 switches.  I'm very new to all of this, but it's been enjoyable to figure things out and play around with everything.I've been su...

Hi, I have several SGE2000 in production and every night I save the current configuration to a tftf server... from time to time I get the following error:20-Oct-2010 11:29:00 %TFTP-C-OPEN: No free UDP port20-Oct-2010 11:29:00 %COPY-W-TRAP: The copy o...

mj.jimenez by Beginner
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HiI have a sge2000p to install with a uc520. I have all data traffic passing ok but voice will not work. Phones to not get ip etc. can anyone advise?Sent from Cisco Technical Support iPad App

jonathang by Beginner
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Hi, it is possible to configure SVI Interface on N5K ( when enabling feature interface-vlan) for example to use for inband-management.Is it also possible to configure an IP address on a physical interface (no switchport) for management reasons.The N5...

Hi everyone,Can someone help me how to restore my ios back to my cisco 2801 router.I accidently deleted the ios from flash, while booting the router the cisco router gives "cannot load flash boot"I saw on google that you can use a tftpdnld procedure....

monasir by Beginner
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I have a network behind an 861 and users are unable to access e-mail from the local exchange server from their iPads using the 802.11wireless network.  The wilrelss network is working fine and the iPad users connect fine.I was told that that i need t...

pfellner by Beginner
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