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EXtended ACL with multiple ports

Hi Guys,I am looking for some help in relation to an acl i want to stick in.What  i need is to allow certain subnets access a  host via the following tcp ports 80,8080,443,21 and 3128Does anyone know if its possible to do this with a single line ACL....

Resolved! LACP Configuration

Hi,We have Dell M6220 blade server that server is connected to cisco 3750 switch. I am trying to configure LACP in 3750 for two port which are connected to Dell M6220 server switch. The channel-group 2 mode  active commande is not taking then its sho...

ios upgrade of 2960

Hi,I am trying to upgrade my 2960 edge switch through tftpd...i have configured vlan 1 with IP address and tftpd as am trying to ping tftpd, but I couldn't, but when I try to ping vlan 1 from tftpd, i canpls advice..

Resolved! DAI - Ignore ARP Probes?

We are running DAI on our access switches. All clients get static IPs so we use ACLs to define the MAC-to-IP bindings. Here is a snippet of the config:ip arp inspection vlan 99ip arp inspection filter vlan99arp vlan  99 staticarp access-list vlan99ar...

rsjordan00 by Beginner
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Resolved! Question with PoE for cameras

Hello, I have a Switch C3750E-48PD PoE and in some ports of this switch the staff of surveillance connect cameras that need 20 Watts. I read that every port only have available 15.4 Watts per port so my question is if that the cameras asking more pow...

Secondary DHCP server on router

Is it possible to use a cisco router (2821) - as a secondary dhcp server for redundancy of a windows dhcp server?  As in utilize my windows server as a primary DHCP server for clients and if the server fails, then the router takes over this role unti...

Server connectivity for SME market

With the demise of the 3750-E, what are folks using within small/medium businesses to terminate mulitple servers?I know there is the 4948E, but it is not stackable and I rather liked cross-stack EtherChannel as an efficient way to dual home servers.A...

shillings by Enthusiast
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