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The module  WS-X4306, support  fibber fiber single mode ó fiber multi mode? what GBIC is for fiber single mode o fiber multi mode?Thanks for you help

Resolved! IP address for 2nd router ?

Hi all, this may be a simple answer to my problem but any help appreciated.I've got Sky broadband coming into my home network.Sky comes into router 1 & I can navigate to this using a browser etcI have a cat5 running from that router to a ...

Multiple Archive

Hello Guys,I use Kron with an archive to backup the configuration of my switchs.Can I do multiple archive with a Cisco 2960 ?I managed to do one : 2960(config)# archive2960(config-archive)# path tftp://$h2960(config-archive)# write-memory...

cisco 877w boot da tftpd

buongiorno a tutti , non so se è il posto giusto per postare il mio problema ad ogni modo vi spiego in cosa sono incappato.Ho  acquistato un 877w e qualsiasi firmware monto non ho abbastanza spazio  nella flash per poi successivamente installare il c...

Oscar2379 by Beginner
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Resolved! Question on Routing out from the lan and back in.

Im struggling to get traffic from inside the lan to hit the router, and be redirected when hitting that external IP address just like outside clients would.  if my site was foobar.dyndns.org:foobar.dyndns.org:443 -

shinkamui by Beginner
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IOS privilage customization

Can I add a command to the router privilage so that a user can execute the commands like "show run" without entering into enable mode.For example the user should be allowed to execute the following command without entering privilage mode. By default ...

avilt by Participant
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Hi guys,Iam having trouble to configure routing between 2 vrfs i got.after a few troubleshooting method we figure out that the MAC address of the port 1/X and the port it`s connected 1/Y has the same mac address.So in this case the traffic wont go th...

Catalyst Express 520 - trunk configuration

Hello people,I am struggling with a CE520 and its smartports stuff.I have configured the following vlans :1- data100 - phonesI need to bring those vlans (both of them) to a Cisco 800 router. The port of the 800 router is already configured as trunk a...

VSS Issues

Hello Everyone,          I was hoping maybe someone could help me understand the behavior of an issue I'm having with VSS Failover.  Currently I have two 6504's setup for VSS with one connection to the sup engine (10Gig__Connection) and the other con...

vann_will by Beginner
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Resolved! Adding 3750X to stack of 3750

I am getting a version mismatch when adding the following 3750X to the 3750 stack:   WS-C3750X-48       12.2(55)SE3           C3750E-UNIVERSALK9-M      2 0     WS-C3750-24TS     12.2(25)SEA           C3750-I9K91-MCan I upgrade the 3750's to be able t...

Deb Bahr by Beginner
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Resolved! Dhcp Problem

Hi,We have a problem with two switches 2960  and router 2901. we have a trunk between switch and router. In router we have a subinterface g0/1.80 for voip and g0/1.90 for data. we show the config of interface and dhcp server router.Dhcp works ok  for...