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Dears kindly we know that the ip default gateway is used for L2 switchnow if we have a layer 2 switch with ip default gateway  and we activated layer 3 functionality on it , and configured a defualt route like this :ip default gateway  x.x.x.xip rout...

Was wondering if someone could look at my current config and help me enable and setup NVI on a cisco 1941 router.i think it would fix my issue but i'm unclear on how to implement it to test.i would like to be able to access an internal server from an...

                   Hi guys! I got a question about MAC Address Control List (ACL) on a 2960-S Series Switch running on IOS 12.2.I have a list of 21x MAC Addresses and these are laptop clients which they will connect to a 2960-S Switch with 24x Ports ...

Digistras by Level 1
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How to combine, get prefix ipv6 through the NDP and getting dns through dhcpv6?example:interface FastEthernet1/0ipv6 address 2000::/64 eui-64ipv6 nd prefix 2000:34::/64ipv6 dhcp pool DNS_ONLY dns-server 2000:FFFC:BBBB:AAAA:CCCC::1

junos1010 by Level 1
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Hi,i have a stupid questioni have a 3750 in the stack and other 3750 stack (connect over wan, there are not possible connect over LACP or FlexLink) and extreme switch connect over LACPBut i don't now how must be configuration STP on the LACP link bet...

Hello,We need to receive calling-station-id on the cisco ASR 1006 debug and radius server when wifi user is connectedActually I receive calling station-id in the  Access-reqest packet but not accounting-request packet.The below is the debug from the ...

Dear All,We are running LMS 4.2.1 and it is reporting a vulnerability stating that MOP is enabled on Cisco 7206 Router. However I am not able to apply the suggested fix  "NO MOP ENABLED" on all ethernet interfaces. Router model and IOS running on the...

nettarzan by Level 1
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Hi ,I have a Cisco catalyst 6513 with sup720-3bxl and WS-X6724-SFP modules , the switch was working fine until yesterday ,but after a maintenance the modue WS-X6724-SFP failed to bring online , the error code is (Module  Failed SCP dnld) does it mean...