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Resolved! Cisco 2811 console server

Hi,Im trying to connect a Cisco 2811 using an octal cable to a Juniper MX480 console port.  (Sorry for mentioning Juniper)Since the distance between Cisco 2811 and router is 20ft, im using couplers and a straight-through cable for the lack of slack. ...

Etherchannel issue with netapp

Hi I have an etherchannel configured on a cat6k to connect to a netapp. the ints in the channel group are up but the port channel is down. when i do a show etherchannel summary it show that the ports are in portchannel 12A not 12. Any ideasthe config...

Resolved! Nexus 5000 interfaces

  First time trying to configure these .  Trying to get the peer links to work and have them in interfaces E1/1-4 .  When i do a show int status it looks like this and says sfp invalid. I see this on both sides . Anyone ever see this ?   These same m...


Hi am getting follwoing error logs in my routers,seems like i am having duplicate router ID in a router,but these mesages are being reflected from multiple Ge link towards router each for different link.please help and suggest checking following logs...

sourav6388 by Beginner
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Confused on 7507 LAN routing throughput

Hello Everyone,I am currently working with a 7507 (RSP4). I have it set up as a router on a stick with on port with multiple VLAN's trunked to it and the only think it is doing is routing between VLANs. I am seeing some not so good performance resuts...

Resolved! ospf cost change

                   Hi,With cost command ' ip ospf cost X '  on interface, it will affect all the network subnet's cost comming via that interface.So, is there any way that we can change the cost of selected network subnet in OSPF ?Pls ask is any more...

Resolved! How to disable dhcp pool

Hi,Can you confirm that if I want to disable temporarily a dhcp pool on a 4500, I need just to shutdown the interface VLAN corresponding to a specific dhcp pool?ip dhcp pool test   network 10.X.27.0   default-router   domai...

ping ,Vlan ,

Hi I have a test setup as given below VLAN A has an ip address in subnet of 192.168.X.X /24I need to ping the VLAN B interface from VLAN A,which is an interface on the 3560 belonging to VLAN A.For this i introduced a static route on 3560 as:ip route ...

3502i keeps dropping off WLC 2504

Our 3502i keeps dropping off the WLC at random times and then re-connects after a reboot or by it self at random times. Cisco as already replaced the AP but the replacement is doing the same thing. We have changed the cable, the switch port, and the ...

ben2025wfm by Beginner
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