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Hello,I am running a 1712 12.4(25d) with NAT, VPN and FW/IDS.  I have a broadband ethernet connection at 20mb.  As I run some traffic through it, the processor jumps up to near 100% and throughput comes to a screeching halt.  IP CEF is turned on and ...

m-sherman by Beginner
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Resolved! OSPF areas

Hello Everyone,Please see attached file. When I issue the command"show ip route ospf", it gave me nothing. How areas affect OSPF enabled routers? I already configured this in one area and it works fine, but why is that if I configure multiple areas o...

mactej6228 by Beginner
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How many Switches can be stacked  with WS-C2960S-48FPD-L at a max..As per my Knowledge it is 4 and as below..Switch 1 to Switch 2Switch 2 to Switch 3Switch 3 to Switch 4Switch 4 to Switch 1If yes then, is it mandatory to do the "Switch 4 to Switch 1"...

Resolved! 802.1X support

Where can I get information about 802.1X support of old WS-C3548-XL-EN, WS-C3524-XL-EN switches?I understand that they do not support any 802.1X feature, but I need to confirm it.thank you

ev1205 by Explorer
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Hi , Facing issue with 2960G switch , where its do not display "logging trap informational " in show running and show startup .where its showing all other levels from 0 to 5 and 7 after configuration and save commands .the steps used to configure - s...

Hello,I'm for a solution to the following problem:Soon i'll have about 15k devices that connect to my company each using a TCP connection to verify that the devices and connections are still functioning properly. Each device will connect every few mi...

WS-C3750-48P       12.2(25)SEB4            C3750-IPBASE-MHi,AllThanks in Advance I need to add a third stackable WS-C3750-48P and i Already downgrade  the new switch to  existing ios on the new switch(12.2(25)SEB4 )switch to an existing stack of 2 W...

Hi All,Could someone confirm if the below nexus 5020 nx-os version and type/revision of my GLC-T is compatible with each other? I noticed also the "Transceiver calibation is invalid"  when i do show int e1/8 transceiver details , what does it mean?UT...

Mhon Baul by Beginner
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Resolved! 3560-X ROMMON Mode

Hi I have a 3560 in a remote lab.I needed to bring the ROMMON mode.But the switch doesn't accept the break sequence and boots normally.Is there any way to bring this switch to ROMMON mode apart from using the MODE button physically in the lab .Thanks...

Essentially, I've been studying for the CCNA and I've decided to purchase some older equipment to set up in my house so I can get some additional practice with the IOS interface. I've been looking at 1760 routers on ebay, and it seems like a pretty g...

Resolved! Root Port Election

I have a simple question about the Root Port Election... I know the path cost is added to the root path cost when the BPDU is recieved, but is the root port decision made with or without the path cost added? -For example.. For SW2, which port would b...