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Hi Expert I would like to know what is the difference and use case between SFP+ Twinax and SFP+ Active optical?Example SFP-H10GB-CU1M and SFP-10G-AOC1M.What I know is only it is copper and fiber cable, and the copper price is cheaper. Any difference ...

Hi all, I have a new Catalyst 9800 on 2 interfaces that are connected with MTU 9200, the rest of the interfaces will be  on 1500. My question is, will I have any affection to my system having this type of configuration, traffic coming with this diffe...

I have a 2 link portchannel between a clustered pair of c9500 and a c3850.  The config is simple enough, each end has the aggregate interface defined: interface Port-Channel1switchport mode trunk Member interfaces are defined like: interface TenGigab...

jmcgrady1 by Level 1
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Is there away to find a sticky MAC on a different switch from the router/core? I realize port security does not span switches. I was looking for a way to find a Sticky MAC on a switch from the core that has been been aged out of the MAC address table...

d79dannyd by Level 1
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Hi All, Just wondering if theres any official documenetation on what the active logical port limit is for a 6800 running Sup2T supervisors.   I'm looking at tidying up STP but coincerned that the remediation works might push us temporarily over the l...

I have a cisco 3560 switch PoE, with cisco wireless access points connected to it. I got 9 access points out of 24 go off.  I got the following log for all off ports. 3w6d: %ILPOWER-3-CONTROLLER_PORT_ERR: Controller port error, Interface Gi1/0/32: Po...

sanjee108 by Level 1
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Hello,since couple of days I see the following log message on my 4500 VSS cluster."chkpt_archive_status_callback"The message appears now and then during the day in the log.I'm not sure, what this log means and what happens.Regards 

TF.DE by Level 1
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