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Good morning,Just after everyones thoughts here. We are putting in a VPLS circuit between 3 sites. We want to run BGP between sites (it has to be BGP as there are backup circuits and we need routes controls). The other requirement is also the ability...

I have a C7200 router which does not support full feature CBWFQ. There are no option to configure following commands:class-map match-any voicematch protocol rtpmatch ip dscp efSystem image file is "slot0:c7200-ds-mz.121-21.bin"cisco 7206 (NPE200) pro...

aparikh by Level 1
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Hi ExpertsSW1---trunk---Huawei------trunk------SW2i have the above topology cisco 3560 conneted to Huwawei switch via 802.1q , and the same Huawei switch connect to cisco 3560 SW2 , no direct link between SW1 and SW2 , but when i issue sh cdp neih fr...

hi: i have a scenario like above.  i wanted to allow R1 telnet R3, but R3 couldn't telnet R1.i put an acl on f0/1 of R2 with "in" direction.     10 permit tcp host host established it worked, however it didn't work if i used following...

Hello,I've added a few gigabitethernet SFP modules to switches to upgrade the trunk ports from 100mb to 1gb and wondered if there is any stress testing tools where I can get the ports to use over 100mb and also monitor that it did use more that 100mb...

Andy White by Level 3
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Hello,I have an issue connecting 2 switch's, my core its a 3750X ( 2 switch's connected like a stack)  and the access is a 2960S ( 2 switch's connected like a stack) , i create port channels , each physical port from the access network its connected...