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I have two 5548's in sync mode: I have an existing ACL and I want to add a new line to it, but after I do and try to commit it states the verify failed. What's there now:ip access-list SNMP-RO-ACL  10 permit ip any  20 permit ip 10.11...

Hi every body, I am sya I have an idea for a database project linking several institutions located on an area of 19,000 square km and I would like to hear your advice---Posted by WebUser Sya Ahmed

Hello,I'm stock and I am sure it is simple but I can't find it.I have an ASA5510 from which I am using 3 interfaces.-One interface have the main internet connection router-One interface is attache to a switch 3750 and has multiple virtual interface c...

billetj09 by Level 1
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We have, for nearly 4 years, used EIGRP on our 6513 to  make use of two unequal links to our branch offices.  This worked because we could use the variance command and cause EIGRP to insert two routes into the table, one from each carrier.  Thus it w...

suelange by Level 1
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Hi All, I acquired a 3560X-24P-L Switch which I wanted to use at our datacenter.  However, I need a switch that supports OSPF.  It came with a Universal IOS but there was no "Router" command under conf t.  I downloaded and applied the latest "IP Base...

dkraut by Level 1
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This is for a short temporary time until I get cisco 3560s in place. I have a 2921 configured  and it is connecting to an HP non managed non VLAN switch and I cant get any traffic to pass from my computer to the router (pings or anything). Here is br...

Platform: CISCO 6513-ELinecard:WS-X6724-SFPIOS ver: Version 12.2(18)SXF17b, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)Objective:Police the traffic if it exceed and guarantee the bandwidth when congestion occur on egress。Q: This LAN port doesn't support MQC. We use Port ...

Hi,   I am using Nortel 5650TD and Cisco 2960S switches. Vlan 50 is a managmnet Vlan for nortel and the same Vlan 50 as configured as a trunk native Vlan on Cisco side. Vlaan 50 has IP address which i need to use for managmnet of switch.Vlan 10 has c...