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Resolved! MACsec MKA using PSK on C9000

Hello,I want to enable MACsec with PSK between the Core and Distribution Switches (C9600 and C9500) which are stretched over darkfibers.The link speeds are 10G, 40G and 100G and I noticed following from the configuration guide:Use Extended Packet Num...

Etherchannel Interfaces in suspend mode

hi everyone. i faced some problem about ISR router 4461 to cat 9500 Port channel problem. 1.router 1 - router 22. switch 1- switch 2 virtual stacking Number of channel-groups in use: 6Number of aggregators: 6Group Port-channel Protocol Ports------+--...

SK Faisal by Beginner
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not able to ping single ip address of server from outside network however rest of ip address able to ping

we have cisco core and access switch in networknot able to ping single ip address of server from outside network however rest of ip address able to pingChecke the nating and properly configured.checked vlans and port and added same.checked the server...

Cisco Catalyst 9500 - IOS Upgrade

Hello together, I want to upgrade to a Cisco Catalyst 9500. I enter the following command:install add file bootflash:cat9k_iosxe.16.09.04.SPA.bin activate commit The following line I confirm with Yes:Please confirm you have changed boot config to boo...

bfd with Nexus 7k and ASR 1001

All,I'm working with an existing Nexus 7K BGP config running BFD and an operational peer to another Nexus 7k on this network.I'm adding a Cisco ASR 1001 into the BGP peering and all appears to be fine but I need some direction on the BFD authenticati...

juan-ruiz by Beginner
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Factory Network - Profinet - MAC Flapping

Hi So we are building a new factory network. And we want to use our Cisco network for the IO traffic.  The problems come when we are trying to to connect the ABB IO useing ProfinetThe IO needs two uplinks. So we have a ring and useing REP, and 2 Swit...

Niklas.D by Beginner
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switch SG-350 vlan config

I want to do SVI on my 3 L3 switch(SG-350 52 gig) I want to allow server and internet only in these switch so which mode i have to enble layer 2-3,Do i have to apply in all port or not??? 

layer 2-3.PNG
Samaj0101 by Beginner
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Resolved! Difference between Business Series and Catalyst

Hello,I am looking for a fanless Cisco switch with 10G ports that can be managedvia CLI.So I found the model CBS350-24P-4X, my question is : is the administrationand configuration level in CLI 'Textview' equal to a switch running underiOS like a WS-C...

Ipefixe by Beginner
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Configuration lock due to rollback

hello,i do have an issue C2960-LANBASEK9-M, Version 12.2(55)SE5 the configuration is locked due to the rollback-feature (configure terminal revert timer). the problem is that it seems to be stuck...it started to revert the config but was not able to ...

Resolved! Cannot Remove Banner MOTD (Cisco 4451)

Good day. I am attempting to remove my motd banner from our cisco 4451 to no avail. I've tried doing a no banner motd in conf t multiple times and it doesn't remove it even though the router accepts the command. I am not sure if it has anything to do...

Adam Ayoub by Beginner
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c2960x - Web interface load blank page

Hello,I read some of the similar threads here, but non of them solved my issue.When trying to access the web interface it will just show up the blank(white) page.We have 6x 2960X-24TS-LL, IOS version 15.2.7E2 with web and on all is the same. We alrea...

chobotnik0 by Beginner
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