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What is forwarding bandwidth : 2960-S switch

According to catalog of 2906-S, Fowarding Bandwidth is 88 Gbps.I think switching bandwidth may means switch backplane but I have no idea of forwarding bandwidth.Woud you please let me know what is forwarding bandwidth or referece document ?Thanks.

cplanet by Beginner
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Layer 3 switch inter-vlan routing

Hi All,I connected 2 PC's to a Layer 3 Switch. Each PC is in one vlan. There is no layer2 switches & Routers. I want one PC inone Vlan to communicate with another PC in another vlan.After doing the following below configuration, PC1 couldn't ping PC ...

Cisco 1841 NAT Problem

I have an extremely strange one to one NAT problem on a Cisco 1841 router.  I have two statically NAT'd servers which have one to one mappings as follows -ip nat inside source route-map SDM_RMAP_1 interface FastEthernet0 overloadip nat inside source ...

Resolved! Routing between Vlans

We run a small company network where everything runs on the native VLan but recently a second internet line and server was installed on a second VLan.Attached is a pic of the network setup and our current config.Currently the orange Vlan (VLan 30) ha...

Dmz Servers on vlan cannot access internet

Bit of background, we originally had a network running off 1 external line. Later on a second line was added, along with an isolated server on a VLAN.I've been trying to integrate this vlan into our current network by running both lines through our A...


Hi Folkswhat is the reason for below,output,How to trouleshoot?45813: *Dec 26 01:02:51: %CDP-4-NATIVE_VLAN_MISMATCH: Native VLAN mismatch discovered on GigabitEthernet1/0/49 (8), with CORE-2 GigabitEthernet1/8 (1).645814: *Dec 26 01:03:51: %CDP-4-NAT...

Ibrahim Jamil by Frequent Contributor
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qos3Outlost counters incrementing

Hi,I have one problem with some ports of one Cisco 6509 with the following IOS version: c6sup22-pk2sv-mz.121-26.E6.bin.We look through the oversubscription counters once peer week, and in the last weeks we have seen a noticeable increment on the port...

How to add new ios image into flash

I have a cisco catalyst switch 2924 xl and erased  the flash  with command  " erase flash ",  and trying to load new ios image into the flash.Now, the prompt is "switch:      " i trying to use this command in loading into the cisco catalyst switch 29...