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IE-3300 Series CAD Models

We are attempting to use your range of IE-3300 switches to satisfy a specification requirement for an upcoming project. Are there any CAD models available?I'm looking for DWG or STEP files available that depict the IE-3300 series so that we can add t...

Resolved! Replacing failed SUP8-E

Hello, I've been brought in to provide some remote support on a hardware replacement and could use some confirmation and help from the community.I have a Catalyst 4510R+E switch with redundant SUP8-E modules, one of which has failed. I've obtained a ...

C9600 50G & 25G compatibility

Looking into following line cards for the C9600:C9600-LC-48YLC9600-LC-40YL4CDboth seem to support 50Gbps SFP56. Does this mean that these line cards can take 10G SFP+ , 25G SFP28 and 50G SFP56 form factor? meaning those form factors are all compatibl...

GVD by Beginner
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Resolved! C9300 Power Budget

HiI have a question for the community.On the C9300 Datasheet, it is said that on a C9300-48P equiped with PWR-C1-715WAC-P, the POE Budget is 437W.When we check the power (show power inline or show stack-power budget), it isn't clear that we only have...

Resolved! Cisco 3750-X upgrade problem

Hi ,  I try to upgrade a C3750-X 24S with tar archive , switch seems hang to "Extracting image from archive into flash....." here the log : FiberSW#dir flash:Directory of flash:/ 2 -rwx 796 Mar 5 1993 15:48:56 +00:00 vlan.dat4 -rwx 18586368 Jan 1 197...

athraya by Beginner
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Maximum SPAN sessions on different switches

 For my task, I need to buy a switch that supports at least two SPAN sessions. I'm looking at SF350/SF352 or catalyst 2960cpd-8tt-l. However, the datasheets of these models do not contain information about the maximum number of sessions. Before I buy...


Hi All,I am observing high latency while pinging my core Mgmt. ip from the Jump server.Jump server located in Mumbai and core is in Haryana.I have Qos policy available in the Core device and i can see some drop in that.FYI.sh policy-map control-plane...

Robo123 by Beginner
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C3750-e requires ROMmon to boot

I have 3 new (used but new to me) C3750-e.for each one, I fired it up, did a minimal config, downloaded the ios image I use in all my 3750s, gave it the following commands:boot system switch all flash:c3750e-ipbasek9-mz.122-55.SE12.binwrite memreload...

Storm Control

Hi All,I just wanted to check before proceeding with deployment. I'm looking to deploy storm control to prevent any large amount of broadcast traffic. Where is this feature best deployed on the edge facing interfaces? or on the uplinks facing another...

jay_7301 by Beginner
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Internet to switch from Firewall

So we are gearing up to replace a netgear switch with a Cisco Catalyst 9300 and I have a few questions regarding the config between the switch and the firewall. The firewall acts as a DCHP server, DNS, and handles all routing so in our case the switc...

kcross by Beginner
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