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Hi, community,I have some doubts about the feature Root Guard. My scenario is four VLANs on two distribution switches and some access switches connected to the upper layer. Switch A is the root bridge for VLANs 1 and 2, while Switch B is the root bri...

mbagnes by Level 1
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Hello, I need help for find a solution to my problem after my upgrade. I wanted to upgrade my IE2000U-4TS  to ie2000u-lanbasek9 mz.150-2.EK1.bin version to ie2000u-lanbasek9-mz.152-3.E3.bin , but I upgraded with the wrong IOS ie2000-universalk9-mz.52...

Hi,I have a C9300U and T switch models.I wish to downgrade from 17.9.5 (ROMMON 17.9.2r) to 17.6.5.Do I need to downgrade the ROMMON version for 17.6.5?Thanks in advance  

Rassic by Level 1
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We performed vulnerability scan on our C2960X switches and found the following message: Checks the supported MAC algorithms (client-to-server and   server-to-client) of the remote SSH server.   Currently weak MAC algorithms are defined as the followi...

test52 by Level 1
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Hey everyone, I need to get the IP Address and The Hostname into 2 different variables. I've got something like this: event manager applet AddHostnameToIPHostevent syslog pattern "DHCPD: Updating 'PTR' RR (.*) -> '(.*).tobi.local.'"action 1.0 syslog ...

TobiasF by Level 1
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Hey guys,I have an old SX350 running version when i'm trying to output a command like show running-config I get prompted to show more of the command as it doesn't show all at once.I am able to use the terminal datadump command to s...

netanelp by Level 1
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I recently started working at a new place and I am trying to understand the network config.There are 2 48 port 9300 switches in place, running the latest firmware.They are running a single 1gb trunk port between the switches, but when I dig into the ...

I found an anomaly in the SG350 device regarding the cpu utilization is always high, while the traffic increase only happens temporarily. Can I get an official statement regarding this?

alwan6996 by Level 1
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