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Hi All- I'm trying to figure our the best way to transition a stp blocked port to forwarding while doing the opposite for a forwading port and set that to block.Here's the setup. From an access switch there is a 10gig uplink which is stp forwarding f...

Hi Guys,I was changed the IOS version about Cisco 2821 and the router enter in Rommon. Who I didn´t had space for put the 02 IOS I erase the first IOS and put the second IOS, verified the MD5 and didn´t problem. I saved the configuration and did rebo...

wilsonsant by Frequent Contributor
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Currently we use core switch 6509 to provide DHCP function for use VLAN and Voice Vlan with "ip dhcp pool" command.Right now we will build the new DHCP server for them. Obveriously we will configure "ip helper ...." for their VLAN interface.Is it pos...

Resolved! Span-Rspan

HiI am running HSRP between my 2 4507 switches (Sup-6LE)...I want to monitor one port from Switch 1 and another port from Switch-2 with same destaination which means my destination port will be on Switch-2..In short i will 1 rspan session for Switch-...

sameermunj by Beginner
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Hi,I have below vlans with sample address schema configured in layer 3 switch with default gateway ( SVI interface )   :vlan 2 :      gateway : 3      gateway : 4 : ...

MorningI have a Cisco 877 ADSL Router which is experiancing problems connecting to my ISP.According to my ISP the router is connecting just isnt trying to authenticate(Log in)Below is the current config:Router# Router#sh ruBuilding configuration... C...

Hi,Trying to get a recently purchased Cisco 867 router configured and am falling over very early on in the game. My current goal is to get the device configured with an IP and user account so that I can connect via Cisco CP. I have been through the s...

Gebraffe75 by Beginner
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Hi,I've configured the multicast in one vlan and it only works in one way, I've configured IGMP snooping on all switches trough wich multicast traffic goes from the multicast server to the receiver:Server ( <<>> SWBL3 <<>> SWTIC <<>> CPD...

slandeira by Beginner
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i'm not able to do a back up of router 2600 to ftp server, receiving an error saying 'no such user'.here's what i'm seeing:RT1#copy running-config ftpAddress or name of remote host []? filename [rt1-confg]?%Error opening ftp://10...

Hello.I would like to route Internet traffic through a FortiGate and then to an ADSL connection.The remaining traffic should route normally to through the same FortiGate (different interface) to a router.The Router is Router Fortigate ...

Hi,Does anyone know if Cisco intend to support stack operation for minor version mismatches within a 2960S stack in the near future ?Currently if you have 2 or more 2960S switches in a stack and you wish to upgrade the switches one at a time, when th...

cbeswick by Beginner
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