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We are currently running IOS from 12.2(35) to 12.2(50) on either a Cisco Catalyst 3750 or 3750v2 switches.Is it possible to trust both CoS and DSCP on the switch ports at the same time as seen in a exampleconfiguration below. The reason we would like...

I am trying to change the spd mode from normal to agressive but command "ip spd mode agressive" not accepted!!!.The default mode is normal, but not sure why the IOS is not accepting it! The platform is 3640.Francisco

I am trying to recover password for cisco 2950 Switch after reboot i am able log in switch but while reset the password i am trying to entered in global configuration mode and type conf t  commend iam getting "% Authorization failed." Message.   Kind...

Tarun Vyas by Beginner
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Dear Experts,I have cisco 3660 Router which is having some issue, It was working in production and suddendly hang and then when i rebooted Fast Ethenet ports are not working.......when i start router it gives below error.....cisco c3660 (R527x) proce...

I have a nexus 5020 NX-OS 4.1(3)N2(1) configured for radius server authentication and I have a group "network" in ACS that has the shell:role="network-admin". I have notice that if your in ACS as a user not of my "network" group the Nexus will still ...

rlwilson by Beginner
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%FHRP group not consistent with already configured groups on the Switch StackWe are running HSRP V1 on several VLANS on a 3750G swtich.   We want to use HSRP V2 on the new interfaces because it allows for higher group numbers that can match higher vl...

jschweng by Beginner
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I have a SGE2010 layer 3 switch. I need to set up a static route that forwards all traffic going to to If I were using a command line interface on a Cisco device I could do it by typing "ip route 19...

baschaff2 by Beginner
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I have an asa 5500 router.  I am routing public traffic to one or more web servers that are behine the firewall.I have a rule that NAT''s  outside xxx.xxx.xxx.001 on port 80, to private ip on port 80outside xxx.xxx.xxx.001 on port 1080,...

I have a customer who arelady have a following quote from HP:(6) HP-A5500-48G EI Switch(12) 2-Port 10-GBE SFP Modules(24) HP X130 10G SFP+LC SR Transceiver(6) HP RPS 800A Redundant Power SupplyWe are pushing hard for Cisco, and was wondering what wou...

abbas.ali by Beginner
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Background:Before whenever our Desktop group used Altiris to image PC's & laptops, it became broadcast because no PIM RP was available to facilitate the register process (I think), even though the sender & receivers are all in the same vlan.So we sim...

huangedmc by Participant
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