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Dudeswe have two routers providing 2 different feeds , if we have one DR, multicast groups on non-dr has not been forwarded to segment.Can we have two pim DR elected on single LAN segment based on multicast groups?Many thanksRajesh

Hi,I'm in trouble with my 1802 router. It's connected on ADSLoPOTS with PPPoA. I can ping any address on the Internet from my client, but I can't get, through a browser, the content of any sites (excluding google, orange (my ISP), and some other site...

Hello, this is probably an easy question but I'm stuck. (all IP address's are fake)External Block: Block: have a server with and everyone in the network, servers and desktops can access this server....

kicken188 by Beginner
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Hi,  Have a question on VLAN. If a switch is configured withVLAN Interface and connacted to a core switch, what is thebest possible way to locate the switch management IP to login remotely?

Resolved! Accessing SMARTnet

We recently bought 2 Catalyst 3750 24 10/100/1000 with 2 SMARTnet. Vendor has send us the details including contract number amd contract start and end date's. How do I access this and is it possible to link it up to my CCO login ?What are some other ...

utawakevou by Enthusiast
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Resolved! 6509-e vs 6509-v-e

Hi experts!I'm trying to see if there's a performance difference between 6509-E and 6509-V-E.I know the 6509-V-E is a vertical chassis, but other than that, is there a performance difference? The datasheet says 80gbps per slot, but I thought 6509-E w...

rtjensen4 by Enthusiast
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I have a 3560 v2 switch that has an issue with AAA and I cannot get to a login prompt. I just keep getting Authentication Failed. How do you reset this thing to factory defaults when you cannot get into it?

nshoe18 by Beginner
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Hello Friends,I was trying  to upgrade my IOS software, cisco router 1861, unforunately i didnt check  for my flash memory  and as a result  the software crashed.At  the  moment i am in ROMMON mode and cannot go back  to  the enable  mode. I have  ch...