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Data across VPC on 7K

Hi:On Nexus 7k Data can be forwarded on both HSRP active and standby. Does that mean that data will then propagate across the VPC peer-link.I was under the impression that data will never propagate across those links which are reserved for state sync...

Nexus and 6509 VTP interop

Our network guys are having issues getting VTP to work between our 6509s and Nexus 5010 switches. Our Nexus switches need to support about 10 VLANs, which need to be trunked to the 6509s. Connected to the Nexus switches are HP blades using Virtual Co...

dseaman619 by Beginner
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Resolved! GLBP & Checkpoint FW

Hi,does anybody familiar with design of checkpoint FW Cluster and 2 Cisco routers running GLBP towards the cluster as the DG ?I suspect it do not work 100%.is there any recommendation for FHRP protocol working with Checkpoint ? (HSRP, VRRP)thanks.

aviyoshi10 by Beginner
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Cisco and Non-Cisco Spanning Tree Integration

I have Dell Power Connect switches in a server farm's access layer and I need to run L2 uplinks to a Cisco top-of-rack switch.The Power Connect only runs the IEEE flavors of STP and doesnt run per-vlan STP, as it is Cisco proprietary.What would be th...

lamav by Collaborator
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Capture Capability with VACLs on Low end Switches.

There is a feature on Cisco High End Switches (Catalyst 6500/7600) that allows you to "mirror" traffic from a source to a destination using ACLs to further filter out only required traffic i.e. when port bandwidth is restrictive or for security reaso...

pavlosd by Explorer
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Resolved! VTP Domain - Server renames other servers?

I was doing some reading in my Cisco Academy Training - Chapter 4 of the Switching Fundamentals and they are going over VTP.It showed an example where 3 VTP Server's existed. All 3 switches connected - and that all three are VTP Servers (not clients)...

joealbergo by Beginner
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     I am designing a new network(LAN network) in an area and i want to connect different buildings . My main node (Switch L3) isat the center of the area. For decrease the cost i tried not to put any fiber optics soi designed the LAN with CAT 6 (und...

Resolved! IP Phone brought down 3560 Switch

Hello,I recently had a situation whereby someone plugged 2 patch cables from the same stack into the 2 ports of a 7911 phone, thus bringing down the stack.Ports affected were Fa0/11 anf Fa0/13. Both went error dsiabled (as expected), but when one of ...

Host Ping - A Question..

Hello guys,Can you please answer me a simple question?Imagine a host A, host B with an IP addresses A and B. Host B is not sending any packets (except replying to ping/ARP). There is one switch as well they are both connected to.Host A pings host B.S...

Todd Bren by Beginner
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Ask the Experts - Campus QoS

Hi Hatim,I have a question about QoS on the Catalyst 3560 switch.  When the priority queue is in "shaped mode", is the assigned bandwidth limited to the configured amount or can the priority queue consume more than it's allocated bandwidth.For exampl...

IHCowan by Beginner
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Resolved! EIGRP startup/Poison reverse confusion

Hi all.Referring to the following dochttp://www.cisco.com/en/US/tech/tk365/technologies_white_paper09186a0080094cb7.shtml#splithorizon Startup ModeWhen two routers first become neighbors, they exchange topology tables       during startup mode. For e...

Jonn cos by Enthusiast
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EtherChannel Question

I have not seen this before and was wondering what it means. When I run the commandshow etherchannel 52 sumI see a Po52 and a Po52BWhat does the B means?This is happening on another one as well except it says A and not B6509-VSS#show etherchannel 52 ...

burleyman by Collaborator
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PoE usage on a switch?

Hi there. I have a really basic question, so please be gentle. We have hundreds of 3750G switches deployed on our campus. Is there an easy way to determine ACTUAL PoE usage? We know that the switch supports 370w, which is ~26 phones (currently using ...