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HiCan anyone explain to me, when a tcn is generated, i know the root switch tells all other switches to change the cam table age timer to 300 secs, why is this? i read up on it along time ago and have forgot the reasonsthanksCarl

Hi all,I have 2 2950 switches where there gi0/ 1 and gi 0/2 are connected with each other and performing the trunk.sh int trunkPort        Mode         Encapsulation  Status        Native vlanPo1         on           802.1q         trunking      1Por...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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Dear sir.I am using Catalyst 6500 in the test.I wanted to examine details of the event, STP Debug was made Enable.>logging buffer debug>logging console debug>debug spanning-tree event ( or ALL )However, nothing is displayed.nothing also even in the b...

ataro by Beginner
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After two days I am still having trouble figuring out what I am missing here.I have all users using dynamic NAT (PAT) to access the internet except now it is time to give one user a public IP address in order to run a server.When I add the static NAT...

I know I've seen 3560's that support multicast routing but mine doesn't recognize the command(config)#ip mu?% Unrecognized commandIs there a minimum IOS that I'm supposed to have or anything else that is a prereq to a switch supporting multicast?#sh ...

houstonrob by Beginner
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I have a Multilayer Switch Feature (WS-F6K-MSFC2) installed in a 6509 chassis.The MSFC hangs periodically where no traffic traverses the switch and from the supervisor I must issue a reset to the device.It will recover after a fashion.It has a redund...

I am having trouble configuring EIGRP summarization. Attached is the network diagram. I am using the CCNA virtual lab to configure this.Router configs:R1    --snip--    interface Serial0/0/0      ip address      no ip dir...

HiHow do I identify if my CAM Table is full on Cisco 2960how many mac address entry can 2960 storeIf I have /22 network ; how does it impact 2960 boxWe noticed performance degraded for end users?

I have both Cisco Base (SW) and SMARTNet contract. What i need is detailed diagnostics, recommendations, inventory, field notices, security advisories, and End-of-Life notices on monthly basis. Especially with hardware EOL inventory and software bugs...

Hi All,             I have two routers 3845 both have two ISPs then I have two switches 3750 and 3560 connected to these routers and then further I have checkpoint firewalls. Now I want redundancy and load sharing of Lan traffic coming by firewalls t...

tarnhundal by Beginner
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Hello experts,I attached last time the config and error with this message. But don't know why it didn't attach. anyway i attach those files now.I have some confusion regarding etherchannel. The scenario is1) one the IBM blade server there are 4 cisco...