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Hi,I noticed that some configurations of GRE tunnels define an IP address for the actual tunnel interface and that some configurations do not.  Can someone please explain in what situations an ip address should be assigned to a GRE tunnel interface a...

Hello,I have 2 routers connected BACK 2 BACK.One of them is connected to my ISP and via 2 serial line I connect it to the second router :                                   WIC2T S0/1-----------WIC2T S0/1ISP->ROUTER 1 <                                ...

I've run into a problem with a 2960.  I assigned an IP address of to VLAN 50 and assigned several ports to the VLAN.  There are other vlans configured.  One port is configured as a trunk to a Juniper router with what I believe to be the...

I can't ping from my laptop, am I doing something wrong?Used: Cisco 3550Ports used:         Fa0/46 è access port with VLAN 4000                                Fa0/47 è router port with IP                                Fa0/48...

I recently created a new 3750 stack using 1 new switch and 2 switches that were previously members of another stack.  I updated the IOS to the same version and got everything working fine.  When I try to do a write mem, I get the error below:nv_done:...

Im studying for my CCDA and I dont have the real life practical answer for the following scenario:A remote site has 10 nodes. The site has multiple subnets/VLANs.My question are:Q1. Should I include a layer 2 or layer 3 switch behind the edge router?...

after1111 by Level 1
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I am trying to setup trunk between two 3550s. I configured the trunk one each switch as usual but the port always show interface is down and notconnected (The cable is good).The IOS version is 12.1(22)EA1a.interface FastEthernet0/24 switchport trunk ...

David Lin by Level 1
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Are the Nexus switches the only ones that support VN Link, "VEB in the switch," etc? I am wondering if the 4900s will be able to support SR-IOV/IV in the near future...or ever, for that matter.Perhaps this is a question best answered by Cisco enginee...

lamav by Level 8
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Resolved! sup and line card

I am trying to get a good understanding on what following terms actually mean related to any switch , say 6500.- Line card- Module- Supervisor engine/module- backplaneThanks for all help in advance.

suthomas1 by Level 6
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We are trying to determine a way that we could easily view the mac table and only display the ports or macs that have multiple mac address attached to them.  We have a VOIP intiative that we are working on but we need to make sure there are no rogue ...

vblaha by Level 1
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Hi,We have two stacked cisco catalyst3750s and each switch has a port which connects to our providers switches and all traffic is routed out through these ports.  Would I be correct in thinking that if one of these ports were to go down, as the switc...