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Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series

Will the Cisco Catalyst 4500 E Series chassis operate using different wattage power supplies? For example, if the chassis is operating with one 4200 watt power supply, can I add a 2800 watt power supply to the same chassis?

Not able to clear idle vty lines

Hello Guys,Some of my cisco devices I am not able to clear idle vty lines. if I give clear line it is asking for confirmation but those lines are not getting cleared.the IOS version is cat4000-i5k91s-mz.122-20.EW4.binTCP keepalive services are alirea...

harish.ab by Beginner
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ACL preventing HTTP from going out

I have a 3550 running IOS Version 12.1(14)EA1aWith this ACL on none of my workstations on the segment can get out via http. It looks open to me. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm looking to permit http traffic outbound with this ac...

rshum by Beginner
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qos on my switches

Hi allwhen talking about qos, if I trust frames at layer 2 cos say for voice, how do i know which queues they go into? would this put them into both an egress and ingress queue ? and how do i know what kind of queue it is, can i change what queue the...

Data Center interconnect.

Hi,I am working on a project for data center migration. I would like to know the design solutions and their comparisons for DCI.For example L2 extension over L3 or over IP.Which solution is best for datacenter interconnect. Retaining the L2 domains a...

6400 and printers

I have a customer who has installed a 6400 switch and has a number of printers attached to the network. Occassionally he is not able to print to the printers, but he is able to ping the devices and access the web pages of the printers. The printers...

chosh2900 by Beginner
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Resolved! boot issue

i'm pulling my hair out here...I upgraded an IOS. I modified the image in which to boot from. bootvar shows the image in which I want to boot from...the image is in the correct directory, confreg is 0x2102, yet everytime i reboot this box (catalyst ...