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Hi all, when talking about tos and dscp, is tos the old standand? which is now replaced by dscp? does dscp still use te tos header but uses more bits in it?thanksCarl

Resolved! Switch Backplane

What does it mean when they say the switch is 100Mbps but it has higher or lower backplane. Or the switch is 1000Mbps but it has higher/lower backplane.

tacacs not working on a few switches

i have 3 switches where the tacacs is not working on them 1 is a 3750, 2 4506.local loging will not work either.the same tacacs configs are on every switch over 100 and only 3 are unable to authenticate.Any ideas would be nice.

tpacjer by Beginner
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Bringing pubic IP's inside

I have been working on a new network design. As part of the design I am using VLAN's to separate traffic. I want to create a special VLAN for true public IP addresses with no NAT'ing. The reason for this is in some cases vendors bring demo equipment ...

HMidkiff by Beginner
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Bandwidth History per Switchport

I have been looking for a way to look at bandwidth usage per port so I can isolate bandwidth hogs on the network. Is there an easy way to do this? I have tried Cisco Network Assistant but I could not get it to show me more than one port at a time.T...

DHCP Snooping

I would like to enable DHCP snooping on our network. We just had someone plug in an rogue DHCP server which assigned invalid IP Addresses to a bunch of client machines. How would we go about configuring DHCP snooping?Out network setup consists of 2 6...

MSFC ACL filtering and CSM load-balancing

Hello,My 2 server farm distribution switches are running in "hybrid" mode, with CAT OS on the switch and IOS on the MSFC.My server team is asking to block traffic to a specific server that is load balanced using Cisco's CSM load-balancer which is als...

amaiale by Beginner
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Resolved! Applying QoS to net management traffic

Hi,We are using 3750 switches in our core & distribution layer in many sites. WAN links are at a variety of speed (2 M, 5M, 10M up to dark fiber running at 1G)through our MAN provider network. I'm actually designing the QoS strategy and implementatio...

bdube by Explorer
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Resolved! Injecting Multicast Traffic into a Lab Network

Hi All,I have a multicast feed that I want to inject into a lab network. The lab network is on a private net and therefore cannot see the RP. I'm not sure if this is possible, but the work around I'm looking at is forwarding the multicast traffic v...

johnfost by Beginner
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