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hi all,i applied following command"privilege interface level 6 vlan-range"but not able to c any sub-commands when i reach...conf t--interface gig x/y--vlan-range--only "no" is there.Any clues

Hi TeamI have a customer with two 65k's interconnected in the core but my problem is that they have two supervisors per chassis, am trying to convince them that one per chassis is enough and actually converges faster that the two per chassis solution...

tmailula by Beginner
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I have a 4500 switch with a SUP II Plus (WS-X4013+) engine running version 12.2(20)EWA IOS software. Can I upgrade this engine to IOS release 12.2(25)SG and if so do I need to do any other upgrades first?

Chrislevi by Beginner
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Dear all,i got the strange task to implement 802.1x with 2948 ge tx switches. I configured a lab.my problem i get back the information of microsoft ias which i use:A malformed Radius Message was received from client 2948-SW...The data is the RADIUS m...

Hi all, Can anyone tell me how I get my cisco switch to send snmp traps to inform me of certain statuses etc, and what program can I use to receive these traps ?

When I power up my Catalyst 3550 switch, it boots up and shows "switch:" prompt. and it takes no command afterwards. I wonder what command prompt is "switch:". Please help.

peternnaji by Beginner
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We have some security requirements to disable TFTP on certain routers and switches. What is the best (easiest) way to accomplish this? Looking at NO SERVICE CONFIG command, but not sure what all will result from this. Thanks for any suggestions

thlnm by Beginner
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