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By default QoS is disabled. But what is its exact behaviour?I've read that DSCP is trusted, COS untrusted when QoS is disabled.What will be the result for the queuing on the egress queue?Will packets scheduled based on the Cos value? this means:COS 0...

I don't know ANYTHING about routers and my boss wants to know why we have what looks to be 2 T1 lines going into the 1841 router and only 1 network cable coming out to the network. I don't have a clue but am thinking maybe its a redundancy thing?I h...

hi,please find the attached diagram and advice can we make a auto switchover when one of the internet links goes down.so that users can access the internet with out any interuption,

Message!!! WARNING: The switch is not usable !!!Unable to create l2trace server process, socket_open() failedappears during switch loading.Message: Unable to open UDP socket on CMP_PORT appears after IOS loading.Switch does't work.What should I do?

HiI have a query re, a network I'm currently working on. Until recently the network was configured with layer 2 switches at the access layer with HSRP running at the distribution layer (3, running OSPF) for the data and VLAN's. Recently they have mov...

I have a Cisco 3550-12G switch experiencing high CPU loads. For a long time (years?), CPU load has been minimal (a couple of percent; this is all graphed by our monitoring systems). About 4 weeks ago, the switch rebooted, possibly due to some power...

I have to upgrade the ios of the 6509-E switch. The latest ios requires Minimum Memory: DRAM:512 MB Flash:512 MB. Can I use a compact flash (512MB) disk in Disk:0 on the sup-720 or do I need to upgrade the internal flash (65536K bytes of Flash inter...

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Good day gentlemnI have a 350 with a minimal config on it. I am trying to ping from my 3 VLAN to my 252 VLAN on this switch and it will not allow it. I am sure I am doing something wrong, But I cannot figure it our or even if I can do so.Here is the ...