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OSPF Query

|---R2----R5---|R1---| |--R6 |---R3----R4---| there are lo11 on R1 and Lo66 on R6 i need the traffic between them take the path R2,R5 All the routers are in Area 0I can't use the cost command beacuse that will force all the traf...

Is this a Lease line or Frame-relay?

My telco Verizon told me that the link between my CE and PE is a lease line but my CE router is using encapsulation frame-relay configuration. My question to verizon is that is this a frame-relay circuit or lease line? They replied is a lease line bu...

sengkhoon by Beginner
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VTY lines getting tied up.

Hi all, hope you can help with this query.For some reason one of our users manages to tie up all the VTY lines on devices, it is only 1 user that it happens too and it does not seem terminate his session freeing up his line.We have tried putting the ...

Routing issue with failover FWSMs

I have two cat6500's with FWSMs in failover mode. To make failover working, it is neccessary to extend all networks on the FW to the standby unit.All is working fine, however:The two cat6500s are interconnected with a 10 Gbps link, using OSPF. A sepa...

mvandorp by Beginner
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Resolved! Access-List Question

Hi There;I am using the 'router-on-a-stick' method with 5 VLANS and associated sub-interfaces. I created this access-list - 'access-list 102 permit icmp 192.168.20 (vlan number).0 (serial interface) This works as i...

austindaz by Beginner
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Upgrading the IOS on Cisco router 871W

Hello,I am trying to upgrade the IOS on my Cisco 871w. I have the enterprise IOS which required me to upgrade the flash. Well since I swapped out the flash the router is booting up to the ROMMON prompt. How do I get the new IOS on to the router? Than...

timt976 by Beginner
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Secondary VTP server configuration

Hi,1.We are having a 6513 switch currently acting as VTP server.We are having a secondary 6513 switch which we want to configure as secondary vtp server.I wanted to know whether we require any downtime for configuring the secondary vtp server.Will th...

sachin_mon by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco 6500 and Adminstration Delagation

Hi There, we are looking at deploying several Cisco 6513 and consolidating several infrastructures. With this we will have several administrators from other offices needing access to these devices to make changes to their specific environments. My qu...