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SM-X-ES3-24-P remove configuration

I recently demo'ed a 4331 ISR with the SM-X-ES3-24-P module and wanted to restore the SWITCH config to factory defaults.  I did an erase startup-config and reloaded (was not prompted to save the config, just a confirm of the reload), and the config w...

Resolved! WS-C2960S-24PS-L power supply Failure

Hello, Do have a issue with WS-C2960S-24PS-L, it was used switch when bought. After starting and configuring, it worked perfectly for a week. But after power cycling it didn't start. First i thought that it was "Dead". Then it started working again. ...

Otar by Beginner
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CMTS L2 processing

Hi Guys, I am in process of investigating some issues in our environment with DOCSIS Cable Modem.After packet capturing it was found the following behaviour: Let's say we have two cable modem connected to the same CMTS (Cisco uBR 7225) using the same...

9500-24 Webui Logon Help

Hello All, Help ! - I have 4 9500-24 switches , have configured Gi0/0 as the management interface can ping and launch the webgui interface in a browser.However I cannot log on ! - I have tried "cisco" and "webgui" with what I believe are the correct ...

pwiscott by Beginner
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Resolved! Router

Hello, I am working on my very first project of the university networks ( it's part of my bachelor thesis). I am working on a cisco packet tracer however, I am confused that which router should I use. There are many routers. (like 4321,2901.1841) I w...

Mike301 by Beginner
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Cisco 9300 24T + 8x10Gbit

Hi All,  I need to suggest new switches which will be used only as access for customers and also for management and backups.Because customers need 10gbit/s I used 8x10gbit module, and for management there are 24 ports, of course I suggested 2 SWs per...

Jaro by Beginner
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Input Discard

Hi Team, I am observing input discard,CRC,and input errors on my nexus(Nexus 5696 ) interface.sh int et2/5MTU 1500 bytes, BW 10000000 Kbit, DLY 10 usecreliability 255/255, txload 5/255, rxload 1/2550 runts 0 giants 15098 CRC 0 no buffer15098 input er...

Robo123 by Beginner
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Resolved! removing a switch from a Cisco stack 9200

Hi allI've a stack composed of four switches Cisco9200.I need remove one of them.Is there a configuration guide to do so ?Probably the switch removed will be fourth, the last, but I think that it is better to have a guide in case the switch removed w...

marzi by Beginner
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VLAN Traffic on 9200L Stack

Disclaimer: I know a bit about Cisco switches, but I will be the first to admit that there is a LOT that I do not know. So, please bear with me with something that may be a very long description of what ends up being a very simplistic issue. I have a...

jmhecker by Beginner
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Cisco SG550XG 100% CPU utilization

Hi, I noticed this afternoon that my Cisco SG550XG switch's CPU is running at 100%. This switch has been in use for 2 years and I have not seen this behavior before. No topology or config changes for months. Does anyone know if its possible to pinpoi...

AvdVyver by Beginner
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I need to update the WS-C4507R + E which is in version 03.08.03.E, and I intend to go to version 3.11.2E MD, I would like to know if I can go directly to a new version or if I need to scale up to version 3.11.2E ?

RRFS578780 by Beginner
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