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Hi, I have a 3750, with the following acl:access-list 1 permit following commands in the console:line con 0 access-class 1 in exec-timeout 20 0 logging synchronous no exec history size 256 transport preferred none transport output none esc...

Hello can someone help because my cisco 1603-R is only looping System Bootstrap, Version 11.1(10)AA, EARLY DEPLOYMENT RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)Copyright (c) 1997 by cisco Systems, Inc. and repeating again, do you have any suggestions how can I fix this ...

Resolved! etherchannel

Hi,can I group two different type of ports into the ether channel? e.g. one RJ45 port, other is fiber port. The speed of them are 1G.rdgs

I have a layer2 only vlan across different floors on a number of 6500s running IOS, is there a simple way to mark the traffic on that vlan efficiently instead of marking on hundred of ports manually ? Thanks for the input.

We had a WS-SUP32-GE-3B that failed. I consoled in and got the 'rommon 1>' prompt. I rebooted the WS-C6509-E and it came right up. But when I do a 'sh log' I get the message "00:01:07: RP: Currently running ROMMON from S (Gold) region".I opened up...

Hi NetPros,Good Day :) , well i have a question about the asymmetric routing traffic problem , recently my network performance feel very slow takes almost 1 hour only can upload 1 file. this wasn't happened before (Cisco and HP have confirmed this is...

ney25 by Level 2
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Extracted from course materials."VIDs are associated with only those frames that traverse a trunk link. When a frame enters or exits the switch on an access link, no VID is present. The ASIC on the switch port assigns the VID to a frame as it is plac...

akhran1974 by Level 1
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Dear sir, Iam having WS-C3560G-24TS-E l3 switch already my all servers r connected in l3 switch now we r connecting another server on l3 switch now we want to create a vlan for this one server only how can i create plz give me the examples. Regards s...

Hi !I enabled Netflow on one of our C7613 to monitor traffic on VLAN 7 (about 1Gbit throughput)What I did is the following: mls netflow usage notify 80 120 mls flow ip interface-fullmls nde sender version 5ip flow-cache timeout inactive 30ip flow-cac...

Hi Guys,I was going through Doyles TCP/IP volume 2 for BGP,may be i am confused and may not able to understand.Below is my question.He says that BGP doesnt keep the topology info of the internal As where as IGP does.And BGP works on top of IGP.Can an...

Hi we have 2 Catalyst 4507 for our core backbone. One is configured as primary and the other as secondary. Recently the primary core switch has started to restart on its own. This is happening 2-3 times daily and affecting us a lot. Is this a known ...

vikrant by Level 1
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Resolved! No routing at all

I have a 2851 router. Please see the attached configuration file. In attempting to get it to work at all, I have tried both IOS 12.4(15)T3 (ED) AdvancedIPServices and 12.4(18) (LD) IPBase. I have the same problem with both. I have created a very ...

braninl29 by Level 1
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