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IPX in Campus

In our layer3 campus there are some novell / ipx workstations in different buildings . Because of missing ipx routing capability in 3550 swithes , connection between hosts was losted .Is there any way to connect these workstations?

Resolved! Bridge a Catalyst 2900 XL (WS-C2924C-XL-EN)

Hi , i've recently got a 2900XL which is running very slow. The network traffic passing through is at very low speeds (2 mbps). I've tried to use a CNET switch instead of the 2900XL and the traffic is about 5 mbps. So , does anyone know how to config...

ewf_cirda by Beginner
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pvlan and configuration

hi all,can anybody discuss abt pvlans whats the diff between between ordinary vlans and pvlans. comparisons and how we can configure, if anybody can clearly explain this that wil be a great thing.whats the relation between dynamic vlan and pvlans.Reg...

Router and Switch Passwords

Hi allWhat is the difference in setting passwords to access the console, Telnet (line vty 0 4) and other passwords in routers and switches. Are all the commands and where you set the passwords at the cmd prompts the same etcRegardsGlenn

HSRP Information Synchronization

Hi,My understanding is that 2 routers configured for HSRP need a L2 connectivity to synchorinize their HSRP group information, so in case I am connecting the 2 routers to 2 failover firewalls directly (i.e. router A is connected to FW1 and router B i...

4507 PoE

i have a Cisco 4507 switch with 48 ports RJ-45 non PoE. How do I convert these ports to PoE on this chassis. Does the 4507 have a integrated power source that can power non PoE ports?do i have to buy a module that has PoE?

mannycho by Beginner
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remove VTP domain name

Is there a way to remove the VTP domain name on an IOS-based Catalyst switch without resetting?In 'vlan database' mode I have tried the following which do NOT work:no vtp domain XYZno vtp domainvtp domain ""vtp domain NULL(now you have the string 'NU...

jvhaysx by Beginner
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Static NAT VPN Problem

Greetings,I am having an issue with my NAT configuration. I am fairly knowledable on Cisco routers, but by no means an expert.Configuration:Cisco 2611 with two Ethernet ports.E0/0 (WAN) - DHCP address (69.x.x.228) connected to a Time Warner Cable Mo...

mgriffin by Beginner
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Load Balancing

I have a 871 with a single Internet connection DSL with Public static IP on both modem(DSL)and Router 2 VPN's are also working .What I want to do is to seperate the load I mean to say if one ISP goes down the other should work as I have another Inter...

VLAN Routing on 3560

I need some advice on VLANing my servers off of my main network. I run 2 3560's and need a little help. I have 3 servers that all have gigabit cards, as where the workstations all have 100mb connections. is there any benefit to doing this? if so,...

stacking of 3750 switches

my doubt about stacking switches configuration?only one MASTER switch is configured enough for routing and vlan and SLB or individually we need configure asif we are configuring other switch for vtp and spanning-tree and server load balancing?I am t...

swamy105 by Beginner
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