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Hi, I have RSPAN configuration, but I see only broadcast/multicast traffic. I have this: PC (vlan 100) - SW1 -(trunk)- SW2 -(trunk)- SW3 -(trunk)- SW4 - (gi0/23) tcpdump SW1 - 2960 - c2960-lanbasek9-mz.122-50.SE5 SW2 - 2960 SW3 - 3750X SW4 - 2960 All...

kiribool by Beginner
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I am just running up a new 3560-CX lab switch to play with and having some issues.Scenario:- VLAN 10 clients cant ping VLAN 20 clients and vise versa.- Both clients can be pinged from switch (confirming its not windows firewall)- Both clients can pin...

Got 6 new 9300 switches and want to stack them but get licensing error. Difference i see in license is of DNA essentials. I did not activate any license, only upgraded IOS. There is no license right-to-use command to activate/deactivate..How can i ma...

raj-toor by Beginner
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Does the Cisco Catalyst 9300 & 9500 series have full Layer 3 Routing Capabilities? Reasons why I question are below:Do these terms mean full routing? "routed access" "Layer 3 forwarding" These terms are used in the data sheet and license details.Data...

9000 Series Licensing Differences.PNG 9300 Essential Features.jpg

Hi all,We have a 26 2960 switch network with a couple C3750 stacks as CORE ,they are currently running a VTP v2 client/server enviroment,3750 are the servers.Pruning is enable.We want to stop working with VTP because of a new device instalation that ...

Dear All,I would like to know if the Power Supply Modules of 3850 is compatible with 3750x?I could see both of them are 350W (AC PSUs) but would like to know the technical insight on this.This is an urgent requirement at site and any document that wo...

Hi,I have successfully set up VXLAN configuration in GNS3 and its working fine.Even with HSRP, its working fine.However, this is not what I would like to do.I have 2 DC, namely PROD and DR.On each DC, there are 2 Nexus 9k switches with VPC enabled.I ...

cHrome08 by Beginner
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Hello i have a switch ME3800X Serie  and when starting boot , it stops   i wait more 15 minute and it  is not continuou : (  as an image that I send to you )  ME-3800X-24FS-M See picture !! so please how i can resole the problem of boot !!!   

Resolved! STP Issue

often we are receiving the STP change logs from the L2 switch and we could see flap in uplinks. We are getting log below.     %SFF8472-3-THRESHOLD_VIOLATION: Gi1/1/1: Rx power low warning; Operating value: -18.2 dBm, Threshold value: -16.9 dBm.     %...