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I have a need to policy route some IP addresses and have no problem with how to do that - except when going through a pair of redundant routers.I need to policy map data from my MVS system through several routers to a WAN router. There are two redun...

jkeeffe by Level 2
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Hello,Diagram:The black lines between the devices are wireless bridges.I need to create a trunk between switch 1 and switch 2 so I can pass vlans through. I currently have ospf running on both switches as well as the linux router with a network of 1...

Hello,We have a situation where we see (via sniff) established nfs traffic on allour trunk links. We can see the src and dest ip's, the traffic countsincreasing when certain database jobs runs. We cannot nail down, after theinitial broadcast of the...

Hi all,I have a Sun Solaris 10 system, where I have a need to have multiple subnet access from a single wire. We're set up with a VLAN per subnet. On the Sun side, it's very easy to set up logical interfaces, with different subnet addresses per int...

casavet by Level 1
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Hi,I am trying to build a network for my branch office, with VLan switcheds and connectivity with router to router to HQ, It would be the 3 tier architecture,pls help me to build the ip scheme and network diagram.pls mm

Hello everybodyAltough VRF lite (or Mulit VRF) seems to be a Service Provider Tecnology.Does it make sense to use it in an Enterprise Network to isolate Networks from others ?I cant find any design paper which describes if this would make sense.What ...

Hi all, In a network running spanning tree, if there are multiple paths to the root bridge, is it possible for more than one port to be blocked in the network, I was told only one needs to be blocked ?

Hi Sir,I have an IP phone connected to a trunk port. I configured Local SPAN to sniff traffic to/from the phone, as follows:!interface Gig 0/5 desc *** Connection to IP Phone *** switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q switchport trunk native vlan 10 sw...

Hi all, wehn you add a new switch to a network, am I right in saying until it recieve a bpdu from a neighbour telling it about who the root switch, the new switch assumes its the root ?

Hi,what's the maximum bandwith that we can get out of a 3750 with 24 Ports 10/100/1000 + 4 Gbic ports?I got the info that in such a switch each 12 port's share 1Gbit capacity + each of the 4 Gbic port's another Gigabit for each.Is this true?

jorge.s by Level 1
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Hi,I'm having a small problem updating the system image of my 871 router and would appreciate any help given.I'm currently running IOS 12.4(4) and would like to update to 12.4(11). I have downloaded the correct image (advipservices), copied it to a ...

Fencer128 by Level 1
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All, I have a switch running DHCP and it looks like it runs out of IPs to give out, then you have to reboot it to get DHCP working again. I know I only have about 100 users, and there is no exceptions except the switch IP itself. It sounds like it ...

jjoseph01 by Level 3
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We recently ordered 3 x Cisco 3560 Switches. The main reason we bought these switches was to do some MSTP interworking between our own Layer 2 equipment and these Cisco switches. However, the Cisco switches do not follow the BPDU format described in ...

eurosimm by Level 1
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Hi,I wanted to restrict LAN to WAN (traffic going from one vlan to another vlan)traffic on a 3550 switch to particular bandwidth.Can some one help me in providing the required configuration.RegardsSivakondala Rao