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I have 7 Identical C3560G Switches all with ip routing on but 5 of them when i enter "router ospf 1" it returns me to the conf terminal page when i should change to conf-router. What could be my issue ? 

jchester by Level 1
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Hi Guys,I Have a Cisco Nexus 3K connect 2 link to 1 server by fiber link with 10Gbps multimode transceiver. We check the fiber power still receive and transmit laser on port but the switch show link not connected. Below is switch informationSoftwareB...

Hello Everyone, I need your help regarding one solution which we want to deploy in our company. Below are the requirements. Need Wi-Fi Router which contains hereunder specifications  1) 4 Ethernet Port (1 POE)2) Fiber Uplink port  I checked lots of s...

i, We have an issue between Zic and camera on the same switch. It  is Cisco 2960XR. Below is the detail. Honestly, it looks normal to me. We have some output drops on the ZIC interfaces but it is very small to me. Could you advise?ZIC1: TX-gb-lane-sw...

Loc Nguyen by Level 1
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Hi allwe have just installed some9606 switches in stakwise and dual sups.we ran a failover test in chassis and I was suprised to see it took around 5 mins for the on chassis supervisor to come back on line.am I right in saying they only run in RPR mo...

Hi Guys/Gals, wondering if anyone can help? I need to NAT several IP's to a PC that have the same IP ranges (see diagram). I normally use Stratix switches which make life easier as they have separate command called l2nat but cisco switches do not hav...

Image 311.png
JussyJay by Level 1
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Hi all After upgrade ios to ver 17.x    when ssh to other machine it show ""[Connection to [IP ADDRESS] aborted: error status 0]""    I double check the ssh verion between 2 switchs are same (1.99) please see when show  "ip ssh" I try remove key then...

Hello Fam,Which command gives the output below?Please someone assist.Interface: Gi1/0/12Power AllocatedAdmin Value: 30.0Power drawn from the source: 15.4Power available to the device: 15.4Actual consumptionMeasured at the port: 5.2Maximum Power drawn...

Shaqxify by Level 1
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Hello. I am having some issues getting my InterVLAN Routing to work.I just want any device on the 10.0.1.x to talk to/send data back and forth to 10.0.2.x and 10.0.2.x to 10.0.1.xThere is no configuration on this L3 Switch aside from this; ip routing...

fbeye by Level 4
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