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Resolved! dhcp binding database

Hello, One of our switches host dhcp server for a set of hosts. There are about 55 of these hosts , currently in operation.However the dhcp binding table only shows four of them. (note- these are not manual bindings). Is there any specific reason for...

suthomas1 by Frequent Contributor
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Resolved! adding new switch to VTP domain

Hallo everybody. i am learning VTP and been stuck to a question which couldn't find any answer to.suppose i have VTP domain running with a VTP domain Name (TEST) and the current revision number of the server is 10, suddenly due to requirements i have...

HSRP issue?

Hello!  Im having an issue where traffic is coming in CE1, and leaving CE2.  What am I missing? And on PE its static routes. Thanks in advanced.   CE1 konfig:standby 100 ip xx.xx.xx.246standby 100 priority 105standby 100 preemptstandby 100 name xxxxx...

Outgoing.JPG Incoming.JPG
Seany_85 by Beginner
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Port erroring - disabled state

I'm using a Catalyst 3560x to run a Digital Audio network. It looks like every once in a while one of the networked devices will send erroneous data (link flap) that leads to the switch shutting the port down:4-ERR_DISABLE: link-flap error detected o...

magruff by Beginner
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Output drop

Hello everybodyWe have a couple of 3850 (Stacked) and we use it in our aggregation layer.ports on this switches are bundled in port-channels to downstream switchesMore than half of port are free(not connected for future).As you know, 3850 series are ...

salemmahara by Participant
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