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Resolved! Does UCS B-Series XML API support power up/down operations

I  am trying to develop a python script that uses the XML API for powering on/off blades on a UCS B-Series (40 blades).    I haven't been able to find clear documentation that explains what is supported on a B-series product.    However, I have found...

knoppgary by Beginner
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Resolved! UCS MINI- Configuration Error :iSCSI MAC address is invalid not-applicable

Dear Friends, We have a brand new UCS MINI box. I am trying to configure first service profile for one of the blade and it is reporting following error. Configuration Error : iSCSI MAC address is invalid not-applicable I have created the 3 differ...

Resolved! Newbie question on UCS C210 M2 RAID - hard drive replacement

Hi UCS experts, Am new to the world of servers and UCS.  We have a UCS  C210 M2 rack mount server with hard disk drives in RAID 6 setup running some non-critical services. One of the hard drives (A03-D146GC2 146GB) had gone faulty. So, I ordered a re...

assistance with adding vlans to vnic updating templates

I've tried finding any snippet of info on how to do this, and so far come up with nothing, nada.   I was able to use one of the example powertool scripts to create 300 VLANs but nothing to help or even nudge in the direction of getting them bound to ...