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Cisco UCS X-Series Energy Efficiency Offer


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Now we have 3 esxi on hyperflex enviroment. as we don't have DNS server  . all hostname of ESXi named localhost  as to log , we set up as follows. "esxcli system syslog config set --loghost='udp://vcenter-ip' " No DNS enviroment coused esxi to send l...

Hi, I have recently started seeing this message within our UCS enviorment. XXXXXX00-A# show faultSeverity  Code     Last Transition Time     ID       Description--------- -------- ------------------------ -------- -----------Major     F0885    2015-1...

Hi Team   We have Cisco B200M3 servers running with Cisco Customized ESXi Image i.e ESXi5.5.0-2068190-custom-Cisco-   I need to upgrade the esxi host to 5230635(ESXi 5.5 Express Patch 11),So first I will do upgrade of esxi host to Vmware-ESXi...