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Resolved! UCS Licensing

Guys,  I'm implementing a new UCS setup, by default there is 12 ports license applied,does it matter which of the numbering ports I use? can I connect ports 15 or somthing above, or I should use the first 12 ports according to the license?

Hello Team,We have several UC deployments based on UCS C220 M3 servers (the famous BE6K).I'm not coming from systems background, I'm rather a Voice guy.In fact, the BE6K UCS C220 M3 is shipped by default with only one Power Supply.However, in the CIM...

 1018some of the VLANs were deleted from N5K-1 and not -2About 3 servers stayed up and didn't loose connectivity and some other servers lost connectivity .the vPC links between the N5ks & UCS stayed up. how UCS can detect such failure in the northbou...

Hi all, I have a problem with C240 M3S with boot device.  1. There is a Cisco UCSC RAID SAS 2008M-8i Mezzanine in the C240 M3S2. I set up the raid5 for four SAS disks with Cisco UCSC RAID SAS 2008M-8i Mezzanine3. When I install the ESXi 5.5, it can b...

Resolved! Cisco UCS update

Hello all,We have Cisco N20-B6625-1 and Cisco R210-2121605W which are running customized  ESXi Image 5.1 Update 2 Build 1483097VMware. I would like to update to 5.1 update 3 but I don't know if I need to applied the customized imaged again or is it O...

Resolved! Upgrade Path

Hello,i have a question about how to upgrade to a newer Version of UCS in conjunction to vmware.1. Update the vmware driver for enic and fnic to the supported version for the newer UCS Firmware2. Update the FI and then the Servers OR 1. Update the FI...