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I have tried and tried to follow previous instructions on the website but have had no such luck. I am still unable to get the rings and background images to display on my phones menu. I have performed a dir command and I see the images in the flash a...

lukekrouse by Level 1
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I have a configuration with 2 sites. I have UC540 at the primary site, and a UC520 at the secondary site. The VPN is up and passing data traffic as well as voice traffic, i.e. users can dial each other's extensions by using the Inter-site prefix and ...

We have a UC540 and I have been trying to get CallerID blocking on a call-by-call basis. From what I have reviewed online, the "caller-id block code *9" under "telephony-service" should provide my callers the ability to dial "*9" and then the outside...

Hi is there a procedure of how to configure 7916 expansion module on a 7962 phone ?  there is no step-by-step procedure on administration guide.  can anyone provide a link or point out where to find the configuration procedure ?