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SPA504G - Skype VoiP and Cisco Linksys RV 082Have been traying to make the SPA 504G work behing NAT with the RV082.I have audio one way only. Call establishes and then I can speak but I cannot hear the other end.Any ideas as to what settings am I mis...

Hi  I'm trying to add about 50 x Cisco Jabber phones  by using Cisco BE3000-utilss_8_6_4.xml which I used adding Cisco 8941 phones on BE3K. On "phone" tab of the spreadsheet,  I put in the following information for one of the Jabber client users : De...

Hello,I just recently installed CISCO SPA122 in my home office but for some reason I can't get the outgoing calls working. Incoming calls work just fine. My account registers properly. I'm able to use a regular softphone on my computer to connect dir...