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We are planning to build a DMVPN setup. The hubs all plan to have static Public IPs. The spokes however, in some cases will sit behind an ISP router and have private IPs. In some cases they will have LTE CG-NAT IPs.    We only need Spoke to Hub tunne...

ronit by Beginner
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Hi,   We would like to add a policy for other VPN users to allow access to a specific internal device. I have not been able to find any documentation on how to do this.  Could anyone provide the procedures or documentation for this?  It would be grea...

We use a Cisco router in our DC as a CA server, this weekend the old cert expired and the new one took over at approx 98% of our sites. The ones that did not are all 1111-8P's on IOS XE. I have checked and other 1111's on the same code and they did a...

Hi guys, ASA and AnyConnect are new to me. There is a requirement to inject dynamic IP address(s) based on the DNS lookups for a specific website via the AnyConnect tunnel. What above-mentioned technics is the best for this? Thanks,myky

Myky by Beginner
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Hi guys, hoping someone might have some pointers.I'm tryng to set up an IKEv2 vpn but going round in circles. I have a number of IKEv1 vpn's connected using crypto maps on our external interface. I've been told that the most recent config advice woul...

bbqbruce by Beginner
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Hi,I have the following setup and I have the HUB and SPOKE connected through a IKEV2 tunnel using FlexVPN. The problem is I can't ping remote subnets from either router. VLAN @ ISR172.16.5.0 VLAN @ ISR172.16.11.0 @ CSR (A loopback just for...

Screenshot 2022-06-07 121404.png

I am trying to make an IPSEC between a Cisco Firepower Management Center 1000 FW and a Cisco ASA 5508 but I am not being able to make them see each other. I don't see logs anywhere of IKE attempts on any version. I tried in V1 and V2, with all the po...

Hello everyone,i'm trying to establish a l2tpv3 tunnel, between two ISR4331, the configuration is very simple and everything seems to be ok, but i can´t ping from site A to Site B: Site A -- ISR4331_A »»»»» RouteC892 »»»»»»» ISR4331_B  -- SiteB confi...

fcardoso by Beginner
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We are moving from an ASA5545-X to an FTD-2110 (in FTD mode). On the ASA, we can define the VPN group policies per user in the LOCAL user manager. Is there a place to do this on the FTD? I have not been able to locate this, and I am trying to prevent...

bhallman by Beginner
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Hello, we use SSL VPN with Anyconnect VPN Client. Service runs on Cisco3945E Router. to load the VPN Client a Website should be opened, ex. https://shave.systems.at/khstp,then comes the Downloadlink.we noticed that newer Browser versions does not s...

We are considering purchasing Firepower 1010 models but we are trying to figure out if these Firepower 1010 devices come with 2 AnyConnect Client connections.  The new Firepower 1010 models are replacing old ASA 5506 models that did come with 2 AnyCo...

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