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Router->ASA->routerI configured gre interface in both the router. I could ping gre destination ip from both the router. I could see traffic in my ASA firewall for both gre and Icmp. But my gre interface is still down.I have ASA 5510 wit 8.4 IOSSent f...

                   Hi,I am setting up remote IPsec VPN using ASDM for ASA 5505.can somebody guide me for FOLLOWING;1. step 6 for ASDM IPsec wizard: pool name: which IP addresses I have to assign here.my network has inside IP and outside I...

Hello guysI would really appreciate if someone could take a look at these configs and see if i made any errors. The HUB router was configured by someone else and it is working, i know this because there are other sites connected to it already that wo...

lolholkki by Level 1
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I'm trying to set up a new VPN user/group/policy to replace a flawed old version that used IP addresses from the same pool as the inside VLAN. As of right now I have most things configured but am unable to establish a connection to a service host on ...

Hi,We are currently planning to add a perimeter firewall (Cisco ASA). We have concern on the IPSEC tunnel currently established on existing firewall (Cisco ASA).    Below is a simple representation of how the current setup and future setup:-External ...

I'm configuring a ASA5515 for VPN Remote Access using the AnyConnect Client.An outside interface has been configured on an IP, lets say VPN is accessible by pointing to but i'm wanting it to be accessible from this possi...

jwfhg2013 by Level 1
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i have a 2 routers VPN RV042 with 1 tunnel VPN configured, in 1 side i have fixed ip and in other side i have the VPN configured with dynamic dns, when the ip is refreshed by operator (NET) the router stops responding and it chashes being necessary d...

Diglopes1 by Level 1
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Hey guys,Is there a way to see why a particular user logging into our Anyconnect VPN fails?  The logon server is just an LDAP connection to our Active Directory enviornment.  I am troubleshooting a phone vpn connection but have no way of seeing why t...

Hello everybody.In the attachment you can find the picture of my network topology.I have two ASA5505 and L2L IPSec tunnel between them. On the left, there is a server with ip address. I want hosts on the right to access it via a...

Mich El by Level 1
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I have setup several of these before but i am baffled. I have followed some of the other posts here and tried alot of options but still cannot figure this out. I installed a new ASA5505 and configured it using the wizards and have the initial configs...

garyohara by Level 1
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