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Basic Site to Site connectivity

Hi All,I need to connect 2 remote sites together over the Interent. The end points will be cisco routers at either end with an Interface connected to the Internet  (no ASA's etc.. )This is not something I have done in the past. I have been reading up...

GRANT3779 by Frequent Contributor
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VPN tunnel not coming back up after power cycle

Cisco 2800, 12.4(23b) router has two VPN tunnels to other Cisco devices.Authentication uses certificates from a PKI CA server.Under normal circumstances all works fine, both crypto sessions up.After a power cycle (having first saved configs) however,...

h.cox by Beginner
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which port for allow VPN site to site?

Dear All,Could you let me know port number for allow VPN site to stie. currently i have linux firewall and below is ASA 5510, so i would like allow port VPN site to site on linux firewall and port to ASA 5510. i allow ports as below so the VPN tunnel...

Stop split tunnel for only one user

                   hi, i have cisco asa 5540, users access vpn through anyconnect, i have applied split tunnel so that all users accessing internal network ( grows through tunnel and other traffic through internet.. working fine.i want to fu...

alkabeer80 by Beginner
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Resolved! Help with 501 pix vpn

I am setting up a cisco pix 501 vpn tunnel but am having issues. The firewall works good as I am able to get out to the internet but the VPN isn't working. On the primary side I see the tunnel is up and traffic is being sent but not recieved.Currentl...

Resolved! Configure Cisco ASA as VPN Client

I did some searching and the answers said it was supposedly possible but no info on how to do it.  I am wondering if it is possible to configure a Cisco ASA 5505/10/20 to be a client to an existing (in this case) cisco client vpn.  The reasons why ar...

Resolved! VPN routing with Cisco ASA 5520

I have setup IPsec remote vpn users into the Cisco ASA 5520 using Radius into my main network. Works just fine. I have site to site tunnels from my Cisco ASA5520 going to other sites, some of the tunnels have Cisco ASA and some have SonicWalls. I wou...

Resolved! problem in dmvpn

Hii'm trying to configure DMVPN with the topolgy below :i configured just NHRP and EIGRP,the permanent tunnel are there,but the spoke to spoke tunnel arnt,the  spokes' s routing tables show that each spoke doesnt know  other spokes's subnets .normall...

1801 Router Remote VPN Issue

Hi, I have a remote vpn issue, see debug below pleaseLog Buffer (8126 bytes):cking ISAKMP transform 1 against priority 10 policy002008: *Apr 19 11:18:41.632: ISAKMP:      encryption AES-CBC002009: *Apr 19 11:18:41.632: ISAKMP:      keylength of 25600...

Route not being added for VPN network

I have a VPN tunnel up to a Fortigate firewall, IPSec SA establish, reverse-route set on the map, but no route is showing up in the routing table.  I have about a dozen VPN connections built on this ASA, but all to Cisco ASA and Client VPN/EZVPN, and...

Cannot use Anyconnect

Hi!My problem is that Anyconnect is not working. I have 2 ASA. One working as a firewall and one working as a "VPN-Machine". The VPN-Machine is behind the firewall. When I am on  the inside of the firewall the VPN works but not when i go outside of t...

Lajja1234 by Beginner
  • 13 replies
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