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Hi there, I have several problems with vpdn sessions suddenly dropping. It is an LAC-LNS scenario. I was wondering, is there a way to track sessions when they drop and have users? thanx in advance!

Hi,I'm trying to configure remote access via a IPSec VPN with XAuth. The *relevant* lines of the config are below:crypto isakmp policy 10 encr aes 256 authentication pre-share group 2 lifetime 28800!crypto isakmp client configuration group VPNCLIENTS...

nopslider by Beginner
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I am trying to configure my firewall for a site to site with other firewall and NAT similar subnets.  I have on my side and and on the other side.  We are trying to NAT my side as and the o...

kdingwall by Beginner
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Hi,I was running 8.4.4 on as ASA5510, everthing chugging away nicely.  I have SSL anyconnect clients connnecting on this ASA and also a site-to-site (IPSec) VPN too.After an upgrade to 9.1.(1) I noticed the following:AnyConnect Clients can still conn...

mcroft by Beginner
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Hello,I am trying to figure out the best way to setup VPN tunnels to my remote sites. Currently, each site has an Internet connection with a VPN back to the HQ. We are  installing a second Internet circuit at each location. I have setup tracking stat...

Is my understanding correct in that a router terminating an IPSec tunnel considers the traffic, initiated from a remote peer and decrypted by the local peer, to land on the "outside" interface (out zone) rather than the self zone (post decryption)?  ...

Hi,Our customer is having problems with installing Anyconnect with CSD on MAC. Here is log file:libcsd.log:[Mon Jan 28 11:09:13.433 2013][libcsd][debug][hs_download_file_to_buffer] attempting to download file: /CACHE/sdesktop/hostscan/darwin_i386/man...

mtrcek by Beginner
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Hi all,i want to create a different remote access VPN profile in ASA. ihave one RA vpn already configured for some purpose. can i use the same ip address pool used for the existing one for the new tunnel-group (to avoid add rotuing on internal device...

Hi All,I have 20 sites and all sites are connected to Centeral side by MPLS cloude. ( HUB and spoke ) I have configured site to site IPsec on my ASA with branches. All user of branches will use internt throgh Centeral site as Proxy server is placed i...