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Hai, i have a doubt to ask you all,please let me know my query if knows.I had setup my asa 8.4 with remote vpn configuration without nt excemption statement and is working fine.But in most of the document it is saying that nat excemption is required....

Exclude IPs from VPN Tunnel

Hii have setup up a VPN from my office to a remote office as below to allow certain subnets to access certain remote networks.However there is a certain subnet from my office ( /24) that needs to access IP address which is go...

AES 256 and DH Group 2

Hello,Is anybody using AES 256 and DH group 2 for L2L VPN tunnels?Wondering if this is a must to use AES 256 with DH Group 5, since Cisco in some examples are using even DH1 which is default, along with AES 256 enabled.Thanks.

Ruterford by Beginner
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Resolved! Access another network via VPN

Hello, Currently we have an easy vpn server in one of our sites. Remote users can access the LAN (172.17.x.x) via VPN.  Is it possible to access another network (192.168.2.x) through the same VPN connection ?  Please see the network diagram. Regards,...

Yadhu Tony by Beginner
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IPsec over GRE in ASR 1000 with VRF

                   HiI´m trying to configure IPsec over GRE tunnel between Cisco 819G remote router and ASR 1002 central router using crypto maps. Currently ASR router has two vrf´s (management vrf and EXTERNOS2 vrf) and in the future we are going to...

jmfranco by Beginner
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Resolved! VPN site2site & VPN client dailin on one interface issue

Hello Colleagues,Info first, question afterwards:setupC2801 running (C2801-ADVENTERPRISEK9-M), Version 12.4(25f)----------                                                    ----------|central  |Di1 IP:80.153.xxx.xxx                 | REMOTE |IP: 91....

IPSec RemoteAccess VPN with Local CA

Hi guys,I have IPSec RemoteAccess VPN with local EAP authentication up and running, but I want to additionally protect it with certificates. I guess, it is called "mutual authentication". I have several qustions at this point:1) Can I use Local CA fe...

Resolved! Start before logon feature

Hi All,I have a customer who wants to do start before logon Anyconnect VPN. I can't find anything about the user experience. Is it possible to make the whole process transparent to the end user so that they only have to login once to Windows and it w...

Resolved! RV042 VPN Connection Questions

Hello,I have successfully connected two RV042s to establish a VPN gateway to VPN gateway connection. I have the follow questions, please comment:1. I would like to keep the VPN tunnel connection time indefinite. Is it sufficient by checking the "Keep...

cisco0502 by Beginner
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How to disable alert with AnyConnect client?

Hi,I have just upgraded my ASA OS to 8.4(4)1.Unfortunately, the users are getting the following warning message when they connect using the AnyConnect client (from Windows):"Security policies were applied to your session, access to some  resources ma...

t.bakker by Beginner
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Site to Site VPN keeps dropping

I have a site to site VPN. Every few days my site stops transmitting data to the remote site but I do receive data from the remote site. Only way to fix it is to rebuild the tunnel. I dont have any idle time set for the vpn. so not sure why the tunne...

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