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What is the minimun internet speed required to VPN?

Hello,What is the minimum  internet speed required to be able to VPN? I have  work cisco system vpn client 5.0.07.i have to travel to west africa and will need to do some remote work. From what i learnt they have  ADSL 1 méga / 256 kbps.What else do ...

gim0000_us by Beginner
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SSL VPN using 802.1x

Good afternoon.Our customer uses 802.1x authentication to the wireless network for domain clients.  This works well.Is there an browser-based SSL VPN solution that can use the same 802.1x certificate to autheticate and authorise the same clients?  Or...

Remote VPN Access Problem

Hi to all,We have the following scenario:We have a single Cisco ASA 5520 with the following zones:1. Outside (connected to ISP1 with a leased line connection)2. VPN (connected to ISP2, with an adsl connection)3.InsideThe default route is to ISP1, in ...

ASA in-line VPN? AnyConnect?

Okay, I have a very unique situation (it seems that way). I have remote branches that connect to the corporate office as a site-to-site VPN. Now the clients at the branch are getting an application that is using an unsecured port (tcp/23). I would li...

VPN Failing between two Pix devices (DEBUG)

My tunnel had been running fine for a couple of months. Now, not so much.Here is some debug. I hope this has enough info for someone to assist me. Thanks!ISADB: reaper checking SA 0x12ecb04, conn_id = 0ISADB: reaper checking SA 0x12ecb04, conn_id = 0...

AnyConnect + certificate authentication

Hi there!I'm working on solution to my problem which is RA VPN on ASA and anyconnect 3.1. I configured device according to few tutorials so i believe configuration is correct. But when i connect to https://asa.domain.com  i am asked to choose connect...

Resolved! Getting error while connecting from VPN

Hi, I have an 5510 ASA with 804 IOS. In that installed anyconnect (anyconnect-win-2.0.0343-k9.pkg) version. But when i am going to connect it from https:// I am getting the below error. So as a work around i tried to install anyconnect-win-2.5.6005-p...

cisco 1811 V.92 modem interface connected to NOKIA 32 PBX

the picture is:We have a NOKIA 32 PBX device connected to the V.92 modem interface of a cisco 1811 fixed.We are following the documentation for the configuration of remote management with v.92 analog modem for the configuration.So far no good result ...

it by Beginner
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Anyconnect IPSec problem.

Hi!I'm trying to establish IPSec connection using anyconnect and ASA5540. I've done everything like in article below:https://supportforums.cisco.com/docs/DOC-18960Then i have installed anyconnect client and downloaded profile from ASA (xml file). Whe...

Resolved! Attribute Mapping not taking affect

Salutations everyone. I'm in the throes of configuring my 5520 to supply different group policies based on LDAP group membership. I'm finding that no matter what I do only the default group is applied. I'm sure it'll be a simple fix - but I just can'...

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