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Configuration Dual DMVPN

Hi dears. I configurated 1 hub and 3 spokes with dmvpn. all them are ok and working. now i want to add second router as hub for redundancy and configurated second tunnel at this router for redundancy tunnel.my working hub and spoke routers configurat...

Site to Site redundancy solution?

Hi Guys,Looking for a solution here, i want to have site to site vpns where indicated by the comm link lightening bolts, only concentrating on Site 1 for now, Site 2 and the other 15 remote offices would be the same, but just focusing on Site 1 for s...

NAT confusion

Hi guys we have a customer called BPS and it has two servers and 16.....we have netwrok which connects to the two servers over VPN (IPSEC) we have pix firewall......follwoing is the config outputI can see that we have static...

EIGRP p2p with GRE over IPSEC as backup

Hi,I have a quick question....I currenlty have a remote site connected to head quarters via a point-to-point and would like to configure GRE over IPSec using a DSL line to serve as backup.Is there anything else I need to do for the DSL connection to ...

Resolved! VPN subnet conflict

I have a site to site VPN between Site A and Site B.  Can I create another site to site VPN between Site A and Site C when Site C has the same subnet as Site B?  Is there some way to NAT one of the sites or do I have to re-IP?  Thanks!Site A (10.10.1...

edatwyler by Beginner
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VPN Traffic routing between two tunnels

I want to route VPN traffic between two tunnels terminated on ASA. LAN------ASA(NY)-------Tunnel--------ASA(NJ)--------Tunnel---------ASA(FL)--------LANASA(NJ) is our central site & will act as a HUB , currently it has two VPN tunnels 1 to ASA(FL) & ...

What should my default route be with a VPN?

I have a remote site that is connected to my main site using a VPN over the internet. ALL traffic on the remote site should come back to the main. On the remote site I have the outside interface configured with a crypto map indicating that the peer i...

Multiple site VPN architecture question?

We are currently in the process of planning our move to fiber.  We have a corporate location and 15 remote offices.  I would like to create VPN tunnels from each remote office back to the corporate location.  Our remote offices mostly use 2811s.  The...

rhoenisch by Beginner
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how packet is forwarded in IPSec

Guys suppose we have a third party and we have an IPSec between each other ......one of my server say has to connect to server at third party on particular port say ldap.So I will create a crypto acl ( other words to match inte...

Resolved! L2L with ASA behind router

Can an ASA initiate a L2L VPN over NAT-T behind a router?The VPN can be successfully established when our third party start the connection but not when we start it from our end.Many vendors don't support this scenario, I would like to know if Cisco d...

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