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Cisco C111 VPN Issue with SonicWall

Hello,I've been going up and down this issue with trying to create VPN tunnel from our Cisco 1111 to a remote sonicwall that keeps failing phase 2 with an error :ISAKMP-ERROR: (1097):IPSec policy invalidated proposal with error 32ISAKMP-ERROR: (1097)...

IPSec tunnel between ASA & Azure.

Dear Team,We have created IPSEC Tunnel between CISCO ASA and Azure cloud. but some time it is automatically down and traffic not passed. when tunnel down we initiate traffic from ASA and and tunnel up. why this happen.VPN and AnyConnect, IPSec

SurajS by Beginner
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Username received from DUO when using SAML

Hello, guys I have implemented a 2FA solution for anyconnect VPN users by using ASA - DUO integration with SAML, but when the 2FA succeed the ASA does not show the username, and instead of that it shows a string of characters.  I'm attaching an image...

drivera_ by Beginner
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VPN-Tunnel - Unable to ping the secondary ASA

Hi,We've got a small monitoring Issue.When we're connected to the primary (active) ASA over a VPN-tunnel, we're unable to ping/telnet/snmp/... the secondery (standby) ASA.Inside the site (without using a vpn-connection) we're able to ping it!We're ru...


I've been trying to create the DMVPN IVRF but i am stuck at the BGP dataplane. as per the snap R6-R10 are CE routers they are able to learn the routes through FVRF vrf but not able to ping it. I have configured vpnv4 neighborship with Router Reflecto...

arreddy91 by Beginner
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Resolved! secure Gateway has rejected the connection

Having an issue with VPN sending this back to endusers.  Have changed the Cert-Map and other things but still get this message.  Here is a copy of CLI of errors, and configuration. the exact error is : The secure gateway has rejected the connection a...

ISR C1161 vpn setup and what client to use

We've purchased a C1161 and found the GUI is very light in capability, so it is back to the CLI. I would appreciate help. The device has IOS Gibraltar 12.11. a starter - what VPN client software is available for windows 10? We don't want to pay more ...

Resolved! IPSec IKE PSK with IP peer address

Cisco IOS-XE configuration supports multiple phase 1 crypto isakmp PSK options for ip address-peers.  We have a large number of IPSec peers (700+) and would like to use one PSK per network range instead of per peer or the same PSK for all peers with ...

fsebera by Enthusiast
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How to configure VPN site to site with NAT

Dear all, please help to advise and share document for configuration VPN site to site with NAT on Firepower 1010.we are planning configure VPN from HQ to oversea by VPN site to site.as below are ip address. HQLocal IP : 192.168.10.x/24 -> NAT 10.95.9...

Cam79100 by Beginner
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