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Resolved! how to use the ASA interface to be included into S2S VPN ?

Hi,I have two sites that connected using the site to site VPN, in site number one I have ISE I need the ASA in site number two to connect with ISE in site number one is there any way to make the ASA WAN interface to be included in the tunnel to conne...

Qays by Beginner
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Resolved! AnyConnect Block remote IP Address on FMC

Hello Community,Is it possible to block or blacklist an IP address for using client VPN on an FTD using FMC? I can see the connections via packet tracer but i did not see them in the connection events. I tried to configure a prefilter rule and a glob...

CISCO ASA with Draytek

HiIs it possible to use remote VPN with DRAYTEK knowing that the PUBLIC IP is delivery on a CISCO ASA on Ethernet 0/0 interface?The CISCO ASA is conected to internal LAN and i want to be able to access internal network from OUTSIDE l...

lmel by Beginner
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Upgrade from AnyConnect Plus to Apex

Hi! If someone have already purchased AnyConnect Plus licenses (L-AC-PLS-LIC), but later realize, that Apex would be a better choice, is there an upgrade license from Plus to Apex?Or there is no other choice, but to buy the Apex licenses, and the Plu...

Resolved! VRF AWARE GIKEV2 GET VPN - ERROR Rekey SA not found for group GROUP-A

hello, please see my topology (attached) I am testing Gikev2 GET VPN via VRF aware setup where router 1 and router 3 (int g0/0) are in VRF-A where router 4 and router 3 (int g0/1) are in VRF-B Key server is in Global routing table I had enabled route...

Download AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client v4.x

Hi, I want to download AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client Release 4.10.01075.https://software.cisco.com/download/home/286281283/type/282364313/release/4.10.01075I can read I need contract.It's for 8 VPN SSL. Can you confirm me I need to buy CON-ECMU-A...

Jero by Beginner
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Cannot RDP through IPSEC between Firepowers 1010 and 1140

Hi All I cannot RDP nor smb or access resources over an IPSec VPN tunnel between 2 Cisco firepowers, one is 1010 the other 1140to note:- I can ping fine both ways- ACL not an issue as policy is to allow any port on both ends and ping works- IPSEC con...

User9999 by Beginner
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Keep VPN connection UP

HelloI have a site-to-site VPN running between 2 cisco ASA. Everytime the connection drops, i have to restart the FIREWALLs to bring up the tunnel again.Is there way to maintain the connection even if drops (ex: failed WAN connection).Plus, i cannot ...

lmel by Beginner
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Multiple site VPN IPSec

i have a problem while configuring IPSEC VPN between one site and two others, i followed many example i found on the internet but i still have the same problem :  dst src state conn-id slot status200.0.2.1 QM_IDLE 1019 0 ACTIVE200.0.3.1 200...

tytryuy8 by Beginner
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Resolved! Block by geolocation without firepower

Hey guys, we have a Cisco ASA 5525-X without Firepower services. We only use this device for AnyConnect and a few remote site-to-site VPN's for home offices. This morning we noticed authentication attempts from a Russian IP and quickly created an acc...

Resolved! DTLS 1.0 vs TLS 1.0 vulnerability

We run the latest version of the AnyConnect client and notice SSL tunnel uses TLS 1.2 encapsulation DTLS tunnel uses DTLS 1.0 encapsulation. Research shows TLS 1.0 is not PCI complaint; where does DTLS 1.0 fit in here? Is there a way or need to migr...

fsebera by Enthusiast
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webvpn Uknown/Rejected repeated log in attempts?

During ASA/VPN troubleshooting by running debug webvpn I noticed number of rejected webvpn login attempts with different user names (below log) These login attempts are not from any of our staff members. I assume this is not from AnyConnect Client? a...

de.101 by Beginner
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Resolved! Site to Multi site VPN setup.

I currently can do a site to site VPN betweeen two routers, but I need a little help on how to add another site to the config. The remote sites only need to talk to the core router so I shouldn't need GRE, but I am not for sure what is the right way ...

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