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HiToday i'm running with an ASA 5510 at the HQ and a ASA 5505 at my home address with a site-2-site VPN connection.I'm only using the 5505 to hold this site-2-site VPN so it's a bit overkill.I would like a router at my home with build in access point...

                   Hi everyone, I know know nothing about cisco devices. Just wanted to get that out there. I recently came to a job that has a 5505 setup as the network gateway, and as a vpn for employees to work from home via the Cisco VPN remote c...

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Hi Guys,We have Cisco AnyConnect installed on many computers and is working perfectly fine. Recently I installed Cisco AnyConnect client version 3.0.0629 on a new workstation and I get the follwing error message:'No valid certificates available for a...

Hello all,I have setup an Anyconnect SSL-VPN in my 2811 and it works just great, but then after the reboot it fails.  I think it has something to do with the SSL Cert being ereased.  Here is my configuration, please let me know if you need anything e...

Can I import a self signed certificate from a Cisco 871 router to a Cisco ASA 5505? The 5505 replaced the 871 and I have a VPN that goes to another company that we have a connect to. The device on the other end is a VPN concentrator ( I do not have a...