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terminate VPN when logging off option

To whom it may concern,Has this option been removed on 5.0.07.xxx?  Our desktop support folks for like the VPN tunnel to stay up when they log off the user so they can sign in with admin account to do certain things.  If it has been removed is there ...

wngwngwng by Beginner
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5580 ASA VPN question

good afternoon, I have our ASA setup as one port to the outside world and another one to a DMZ on our firewall. The DMZ entry point is for wireless users to vpn into the internal network.  Question is this.  how can I get reports based on interfaces ...

IPSEC over gre tunnel with keeplive

Hi,I want to know if i config a tunnel gre with ipsec and I configure the keeplive Does it works?ExamplesSide Acrypto isakmp key 6 xxxxxxx address side b !crypto ipsec transform-set xxxyyy esp-3des esp-md5-hmac!crypto map xxyy 230 ipsec-isakmpset pee...

IPSec PSK security

Hi, I've read that IPSec PSK remote access is not secure enough because a lot of people know the key.But I think PSK is not used for encryption. IPsec creates new session keys from the PSK in each session and for each user and they are different and ...

jmprats by Enthusiast
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VPN Client 5 Problems with a profile

HelloI have the VPN client running on a virtual XP machine.For 3 of my 4 client profiles.... it works properly.One profile will not connect...I click "Connect" and immediately get this:Initializing the connection...Contacting the security gateway at ...

SSL-Clientless Access via LDAP Authentication

What is the best way to configure Group AD (LDAP) Authentication via the ASA?  I can get it to authenticate but if doesnt matter if the user is in the Group or not.  I want to use a specific group. I have it configured using the memberOf and Group Po...

SSL VPN activation

Hi,After temporary activation of security technology package on Cisco 2901 ISR how can I activate SSL VPN for evalution purposes?ipbase        ipbasek9      Permanent     ipbasek9security      securityk9    Evaluation    securityk9sh license detailIn...

ASA 7.1 WebVpn login GROUP dropdown order

Is there a way to customize the order of the Groups in the drop down page on the login page?Want to use a different group as default. Read over docs and not seeing a way to configure the login box dropdown order.If it is not configurable, is it alpha...

.pcf file

Is there a way to encrypt the group password in the pcf VPN profile in a much stronger cipher as it is very easy to crack Sent from Cisco Technical Support iPhone App

aymn_louis by Beginner
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Cisco VPN CLient Vs. Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client

Hi,our company just deployed the new  Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client on our machines.the problem is that i need to connect to some customers site remotely via VPN and i cannot add any .PCF files to this new client.All connections are pre-configured in t...

Resolved! Easy VPN remote configuration

Dear Sir,I have cisco router 837 in the main office for a company and it's working as VPN server, the branches access to the main office using cisco VPN client application (based on windows).We want to connect a branch using cisco router 837 (Easy VP...

vpn different subnets

Hello experts!I have a problem unsolved over past few weeks regarding cisco easy vpn server. I have a cisco 887 successfully set up acting as vpn server from which my brother connects via client. The question is simple yet very challenging to implent...

alexbak79 by Beginner
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