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Adding remote access to existing site to site

Have 4 locations with ASA5505 in each location.  There are site to site VPN's between each location.  I want to add a remote access VPN connection to the main location but I'm having some issues.  I followed the http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/ps...

sonitadmin by Beginner
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VPN CLient Support on ASA

Need a clear answer on what is and is not supportable connecting back to an ASA running 8.0(3) or aboveCan I use the AnyConnect Client for Windows Mobilte 5.0 devices?Can I use the AnyConnect Client for an iPhone with Safari?Thanks.

GETVPN with VRF Lite

Hi AllHas anyone managed to setup GETVPN on a CE router with VRF Lite?I using 2821's (12(24)T4) in a test lab to test the functionality of GETVPN before I deploy on a production network.   The GETVPN configurations works fine if the routing is in the...

mark by Beginner
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PKI server forgot to rollover CA certificate

Hello guys,I installed PKI server on cisco router, here is configs,lab1#show clock14:34:14.426 EET Tue Sep 21 2010!crypto pki server LAB database level complete no database archive issuer-name cn=NOC1 grant auto lifetime crl 12 lifetime certificate 1...

lcat by Beginner
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Resolved! VPN Users Can Not Access Tunnel

Hi All,I have a problem, I have 2 sites both with ASA 5520's they are both connected via a site to site VPN.this works fine all users in site A can access resources in site B and vice versa.The problem comes when a user connects using a remote user V...

VPN concentrator - Admin rights removed

VPN 3005 Concentrator - I activated the "User" account with limited access, since applying the change and logging back into the concentrator the "admin" a/c also has limited access! If I login via the command line with the "admin" a/c I get the follo...

VPN and Nat

Hello everyone...I have a cisco 831, I configured with VPN access.I do VPN with Cisco VPN Client.I have some static NAT.The question is..How can exclude VPN to do NAT.What  I want is that when I am connected via VPN, I want full access to my LAN with...

Jose Pena by Beginner
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Can I use config from 5505 on 5520?

Customer is looking to test EZVPN in lab with 5505 head end and 3 or 4 5505 remotes. They will be doing less than 10 sessions. If they roll to production, they will use a pair of 5520s for the head end. While I believe all this should work fine, they...

pajohnso by Beginner
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Cisco VPN on iPads

I'm trying to get a VPN working on a cisco 1811. The VPN is basically used for the following senerio: A user will connect to the VPN and once inside they will connect to a computer using VNC. This set up works on computers, the problem is when they u...

jsandau by Beginner
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EZVPN remote on 5505 reliable?

What are people's experiences with setting up a 5505 as an EZVPN remote client?  I'm trying to set one up to connect to a 5510 head end but the tunnel doesn't come up.  I started with client mode and got that to work, although not reliably, and now I...

Ben.Levin by Beginner
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