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Hey guys,I have implemented Duo for Vpn users, but I am facing some difficulty.I have 2 groups in my AD and 1 group is for Vpn users and other is not, So while making the Duo Auth proxy we do give AD's IP address but I wanted to know if there is some...

Hey guys,So I am trying to implement Duo for Anyconnect Vpn, and proxy seems to working alright, I can see logs in my Authproxy text file and it says. Duo authentication returned 'Deny' : 'Login timed out.'My account was locked out and I got an email...

Hello,For many years we have operated Cisco ASA's for vpn remote access using AnyConnect IPsec IKEv2 rather than SSL (regulations). They have proven to be successful and reliable, we are currently moving to FPR4100/ASA. Recently the business has insi...

nmfoxton by Level 1
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Let me start by saying that I have no idea if this is the right place to post; if not if someone can kindly direct me to where to do so, I would be most grateful. My wife has been working from home during the pandemic, and with our previous home netw...

Hi everyone, Please kindly assist with the below strange behavior im experiencing with DMVPN operations.I have a setup for one Hub and one Spoke running IPSEC with ospf as a routing protocol.http/https from the spoke side to host sitting on the LAN b...

ensibambo by Level 1
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Resolved! DMVPN Problem

Hello, I have configured Dual Hub VPN, connection with first Hub Established successfully, but there is problem with another one.Configuration is identical.  on spoke I see next situation (show dmvpn detail):Interface: Tunnel255Session: [0x7F6EA7A5F8...

sadist001 by Level 1
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Hi all, Just setting up Anyconnect on an ISR4431 and i'm trying to run the command "interface Virtual-Template1 type tunnel" but it's saying "vtemplate1 was originally create with type serial" however when i initially ran the command to create it "vi...